How on earth are you going to launch and run a successful business that way?

Who the hell are you to think you can be that exclusive?

Couples are going to think you are too expensive now that you are all ‘exclusive’ and not even get hold of you!

You can’t say this out loud! You can’t make this your Facebook status never mind a blog post!

What if no one books you and a few months into the year you are regretting ever saying this?

What if you are the joke of the industry?

None of your other industry peers are doing this, what makes you think you can?

You are lazy for only wanting to work two weekends a month! You definitely don’t have what it takes to cut it in this industry.


These are just a few of the many (many) (did I mention many) emotions and fears attached to my announcement that I am opening up my 2016 bookings but I will only be taking 2 couple’s weddings a month!

P.S. In case you didn’t hear I’m opening up my 2016 bookings and will only be taking on 2 couples a month.

So why am I doing it?

Simply… because my time is precious BUT most importantly because my couples are precious and worth it!

You see marriage is incredibly important to me. Your marriage is incredibly important to me. But my marriage is the most important thing to me! This is a decision my husband and I have both made that will allow me to be all that I am for you, the world and my business while still being all that I am to my lover, self and family.

Being creative is my fire.

This fire needs fuel.

My couples and the time, head space and love I have for them IS that fuel.

But the emotional energy I feel you deserve can only happen if I am functioning at my fullest. I refuse to do business or be part of your journey if I am not giving you the best of me.

I started Runaway Romance with the core belief that weddings could be different, that there where couples out there that cared more about each other than what they did or didn’t have on their wedding day.

And there are! You are! That’s why you are here reading this crazy blog!

This may sound arrogant but my couples, the couples Runaway Romance attracts, are so far beyond normal or average its mind blowing!

You are exceptional humans who give me chills and heart flutters every time I talk to you!

You are creative, focused, independent, trail blazing teams that care just enough about style and beauty to inspire these insanely stunning unions, but don’t care just enough to keep things real and always grounded.

I get to share in your pure excitement! I get to witness your first day of forever!

And that to me is sacred. That to me is worth taking the risk for. Basically… You to me are sacred and you to me are worth taking the risk for!

So yes to be honest I am nervous to announce my plans for my next year’s booking structure but on the flip side I am also so incredibly excited to meet you, my 24 sacred, special and amazing couples!

I can’t wait to give you that exceptional, breathtakingly, next level, top of the flippen top notch dedication, service and experience you deserve!

With so much love, respect and appreciation

love Rebecca1


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