Yes we’ve ruined them! With the kind of word abuse that would drive my grade 12 English teacher to drink! Good honest words turned bad by stupid marketing people and our love of habit.

What am I on about? Well personally I feel that there are certain words that we use incorrectly. We take their meaning and bend and twist it until we forget what the word was meant to describe in the first place. In the next three parts of ‘good words gone bad’ I would like to go back to what I feel is the true meaning of the three poor misused words I pity the most.

Our first little word to be ruined is: Budget.

A budget hotel. Think the type of dodgy hotel you wear slops to shower in and don’t get into bed without being fully clothed!

A budget holiday. Think the type of holiday where you take the yogurts and rolls from breakfast so you don’t have to buy lunch. Where you walk and say “it’s for the exercise” but it’s really because you can’t imagine paying a taxi in a currency that trumps yours 1 : 11.

Now say: budget wedding.
Think the type of wedding you see on TV where they rent the local community hall the groom loves because it has cheap beers. Think fake scatter petals and stick on crystals right?!

Shame on you! Wrong!

Millionaires have budgets. Billionaires have budgets. (That’s probably why they are billionaires) Every country in the world runs off annual budgets. So why does having a more reasonable, sane, not going to break the bank budget for your wedding automatically make it a budget wedding?

There is no reason why when we say budget and wedding in the same sentence we should think fake, tacky or less! Budgets are a good thing and should have no direct effect on how beautiful or special your wedding day is. (only a lack of imagination will do that!)

A budget allows you to keep your day in focus. It gives perspective to the amount you can and should spend on the first of your many thousands of days together as a married couple.

80% of the biggest wedding fall outs I’ve ever seen have been about money and going over budget. Follow the points below and don’t be in that 80%.

  • Talk honestly and openly about what monetary value you both put on the day. If you need to, explain that to family and friends, and ask them to respect your boundaries.
  • Set this limit and then stick to it. Going over budget by R100 here and there can quickly snow ball into an over spend of thousands.
  • Have less of one thing to have more of another.
  • If possible put in an ‘unexpected costs’ line into your budget and allocate at least 10% of your total budget for this. Those last minute costs no one every thinks will happen more often than not do and if you dont spend it you have some extra honeymoon money.
  • Make a list of what your budget could buy you in real world terms. Maybe you won’t be so quick to over spend on flowers when each arrangement costs the same as your weekly grocery bill or car repayment.

So give our friend ‘budget’ a second chance to prove himself. You may just find he’s the life BFF you’ve been missing all this time!

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