It may be the altitude, it may be the views or it may just be something in the air.. Whatever it is after my recent small wedding in Cape Town I am buzzing!

When visiting a place like Cape Town (or the greater Cape region) it is hard to pick just 5 things to love..but here goes.

1. It is the one place in South Africa that I feel like a legit tourist.

Because it is the tourist jewel of our country you can’t help but feel like you are in some first world, European destination. All the class, activities, public transport and views of overseas at half the cost and a much shorter flight.

Runaway Romance Cape Town

2. There is art everywhere.

There is traditional art in galleries, there are outdoor sculptures and installations around every corner, there are art walks (like the one First Thursdays does) and even the buildings in Cape Town become works of art! It is just so special and inspiring.

Runaway Romance Cape Town

3. The light.

There is something magical about the light in Cape Town. I don’t know if there is a scientific reason behind it but I swear the beaches look whiter, the sea looks bluer, the people look prettier and the sunsets are more magically candy floss than anywhere else in South Africa. This fact/opinion also makes for some killer wedding photos.

Runaway Romance Cape Town

4. It’s similar to an airport.

I love Cape Town for the same reason I love airports. It has such a kaleidoscope of people, languages and cultures in one place…and people are way more open to starting up a conversation with strangers. (Yes I’m one of those people who wants to talk to you on the plane)

Runaway Romance Cape Town

5. It is a grateful city.

Maybe I’m tainted by the rush of commercial Johannesburg but the people in Cape Town seem to take things slower (including driving..just saying), make a point of getting out into nature and are just generally more grateful and appreciative of their surroundings and lifestyle. I mean heck it’s hard not to be in that place.

What is your favourite thing about Cape Town? Let me know in the comments below.

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