I’m generally not much of a jewellery person.  For example my husband won’t buy me a watch because he says that I’m not ready to look after it yet. What does that mean? It’s a watch not a puppy! But anyway.. I have exactly two pairs of earrings. A Mickey Mouse set from Disney land, bought back by my gran and a pair of gold studs I stole from my friend’s cousin when I was her bridesmaid, and you guessed it, forgot to bring jewellery.

So after this intro it should be no surprise to you that I am also not the biggest fan of diamonds in jewelry… Because no blood diamond is not just a movie where Leo DiCaprio does a relatively acceptable South African accent!

How did my poor husband get around this? He bought me a small, certified diamond and a simple wedding band of sapphires. I have lost, and then found, my engagement ring at least twice. My rings also regularly find themselves in the fruit bowl because it’s the only place I don’t forget them when I wash dishes.

Now I know my jewellery aversion is rare! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have an engagement ring or beautiful wedding ring and I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a diamond if that’s what you want! What I am saying is that it would be nice to see the more creative, socially conscious and modest ring wearers amongst us have some other options to the ice rink diamond ring. I don’t think the buyer of the engagement ring would mind either. Considering the traditional rule of thumb for an engagement ring had the budget pegged at around one to three months’ salary. For me this is insane, could you imagine leaving one to three months’ salary in the fruit bowl?

So I went searching and these are a few different, slightly quirky, alternative engagement ring ideas I love.

Fingerprint ring collection by Brent & Jess.

P.S I loved this ring even before I used fingerprints as my logo!

Ring without the bling

Tattoo wedding rings.

Just a little note here, hand tattoos do heal differently to body tattoos and can fade quicker. Also the smaller your design the more likely it is the work will run or ‘smudge’ so choose your design and artist wisely. Here simple could end up being more effective.

Ring without the bling

Picture 1- Initials. Picture 2- Simple Band. Picture 3- Symbols.

 Inner Message engagement and wedding bands by Yoon Jungyun.

These little beauties are pretty and smart (my favorite combination) they have a sleek exterior with a very cute stamp on the inside of the ring that leaves a message on your skin when you remove it. I love how subtle and secret this is. They come in Gold and silver and their packaging is kick ass!! I haven’t ever worn one so I can’t comment on the comfort. But if you can please let me know!

Ring without the bling

Initial engagement rings.

The birth stone and initial stack able rings by Pale Fish NY are by far my favorite. I’m a little bias here because my engagement ring and wedding band represent both our birthstones, so I automatically love that.  Also if the rings you wear can represent your marriage promise and a bit of the person who gave them to you, even better. You can also add plain initial rings as you add to your family, how cute would it be to have your husband or partners initials right next to your little ones initials all right there on your ring finger! To me a ring that evolves as your life evolves is literally the definition of perfection!

Ring without the bling

Picture 1- Birth stone and initials ring. Picture 2- Custom initial ring. Picture 3- Monogram heart ring.

 Engagement rings with different stones.

We can thank the British royal family for making this an acceptable option. Long live the Queen. If I had known an agate could look this good I would have taken our childhood agate hunts in the Drakensburg a lot more seriously! The mix of the different elements and the alternative stones give your ring such a unique character!

Ring without the bling

Picture 1- Wood and granite ring . Picture 2- Rugged agate ring. Picture 3- Black Gold and Black Moissanite ring.

What is a Moissanite? Basically it is a man made diamond. If you want to read a bit more about it I found the bottom half of this article helpful!

Uniquely shaped engagement rings.

These are pretty classic, simple shapes for alternative ring options but I have seen stunning little foxes with jewel eyes, mice and bird rings that all match the wearers personality perfectly.

Ring without the bling

Picture 1- Thorn crown. Picture 2- Infinity ring. Picture 3- Antler ring.


The way I look at it is the size and price of the ring has no direct effect on the quality and longevity of your marriage. Your partner doesn’t love you more because they spent a small fortune on your rock!! If we really get down to the bones of it all your actions and intentions should always speak louder than the bling on your finger.

So ask yourself…When you take that ring off, are you still married to the love of your life? Yes… well then that’s all that matters, doesn’t it?!

Much bling-less love and happy proposals!

love Rebecca1

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March 18, 2015

You are so right! The ring doesn't make the marriage. Ultimately it is about what you like best rather than what will impress your friends more.


    Rebecca Kooiker

    March 18, 2015

    So glad you think that Jessica! Here's to your ring, wedding and marriage always being the truest reflection of YOU! x


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