Rebecca you were efficient, helpful and a tremendous source of energy and support.

Your clear guidance and inclusive communication throughout the entire process, was really spot-on! I kept being really so surprised when I saw that you were busy with other weddings and projects because you gave such a personal touch, I honestly felt like we were the only couple you were dealing with!

Rebecca was our Fairy Godmother. I remember mailing you on a Sunday night, in tears about the wedding (2 months away with literally NOTHING done!) and you swept in with your magic wand and made it all happen.

You literally brought magic to our day: everyone I know (and even people that we don’t ) still talk about how beautiful, unique and absolutely romantic our wedding was.

We loved how you took all of the anxiety, stress and fear out of everything.

You helped me make tough choices every time I struggled with something – you have this ability to remove the drama and look at things simply and clearly: thank you for that!

To all the brides-to-be out there: Rebecca is the only wedding planner I will ever recommend to anyone! She honestly knows the industry, is well-connected and super-efficient. She holds your hand throughout the entire planning phase but she doesn’t take over – she totally includes you in every single little detail.

She removes the fear and leaves the fun!

She has these crazy-unique ideas that will simply blow your mind. Oh, and there is literally not a thing that this chic cannot do. She simply has an amazing eye for colour, style and class.

Rebecca, it’s been two months and I still miss you and the fun we had, planning our wedding. We loved our most romantic moment and we love you and Runaway Romance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We love you so much; we will name our firstborn after you. And if it’s a boy, we’ll call him Rebecca anyway and he’ll just have to deal with it.

Your creativity is endless and your inspiration is limitless. Keep on making dreams come true, you cool, cool chicka!!”


Words are powerful things and these very kind words seriously made me cry laugh! Thank you so much and I really really hope your first born is a girl!

Much love


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