There’s something undeniably magical about a garden wedding. The lush greenery, the fresh outdoor air, and the intimate setting all contribute to a truly memorable and romantic experience. Chelsea and Buhle’s wedding was no exception. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, the couple exchanged vows at a house that bore the essence of Chelsea’s grandparents, adding a touch of sentimental magic to the already beautiful day.

Love is Love

It’s often said that when two people are deeply in love, it’s evident to all around them. Chelsea and Buhle’s love for each other radiated throughout the day. Their adoration for one another is obvious and it just grew as the day went on. Their smiles, the way they looked into each other’s eyes, the way they held hands and the warmth in their embraces spoke volumes about the depth of their bond. Buhle & Chelsea’s happiness was infectious, filling the hearts of everyone present. Their commitment to each other and their shared journey are truly heartwarming.

A Sentimental Setting

Chelsea’s grandparents’ house in Constantia served as the perfect backdrop for this special day. The cherished memories associated with this beautiful property made it the ideal location for their wedding. It was the perfect place to begin their lifelong journey together as they embarked on their own love story.

An Emotional First Look

As they both arrived at the house, they chose to have a “first look” under a gorgeous lemon tree. The anticipation and excitement were palpable as they set eyes on each other, both resplendent in their beautiful white wedding dresses. Their smiles (and some tears) said it all – they were absolutely stunned by each other’s beauty. It was a beautiful beginning to a day filled with love and happiness.

A Meaningful Ceremony

Adding a personal touch to their ceremony, Chelsea’s father, who is a minister, had the honor of performing the wedding ceremony. This made the day even more meaningful, as he guided them through their heartfelt and deeply personal vows. The exchange of vows left hardly a dry eye in the house, as guests were moved by the depth of emotion in Chelsea and Buhle’s promises to each other.

Creating Connection and Intimacy

The couple’s wedding vision came to life under a stunning Bedouin tent that was set up on the property. The long table was elegantly arranged, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for their guests. The tent provided shelter from the wind, allowing everyone to enjoy the celebration while enjoying the garden surroundings.

A Culinary Delight

What’s a celebration without delicious food? Chelsea and Buhle’s wedding featured a delectable three-course meal that everyone raved about. The dishes were not only a feast for the palate but a visual delight. The couple’s choice to dine al fresco amidst the beauty of nature added an element of charm to the occasion. The carefully curated menu showcased the couple’s love for good food and their desire to create a memorable dining experience for everyone present. Guests always remember good food, and this was no exception as everyone savored the culinary delights.

First Dances and Family Moments

No wedding is complete without those heartwarming first dances. Chelsea and Buhle took to the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple. As they swayed to the music, it was as if the world melted away, leaving only the two of them in their own blissful bubble. It was a moment filled with love, joy, and promises of a beautiful future. Following this, each bride shared a first dance with their parents, creating unforgettable memories that celebrated the significance of family and the journey that led them to this special day.

A Night to Remember

After dinner and speeches, the festivities continued, and the celebration turned into a lively dance party. Friends and family joined the newlyweds in their joy, creating memories that would be cherished forever as they all partied into the night. Laughter, joy, and love filled the air, making it a night to remember for all.

Chelsea and Buhle’s garden wedding was more than just an event; it was a testament to the power of love, family, and friendship. It was a day where the past met the present, and two souls pledged their futures together. One thing was abundantly clear – Chelsea and Buhle were not just in love; they were destined to be together, and their wedding day was a beautiful testament to that love, promising a lifetime of happiness together. It was a true celebration of Chelsea and Buhle’s journey together as they begin this new chapter in their lives.



The insanely awesome team behind this, who helped make this day happen:

Photographer – The Wedding Journalist | Hair & Makeup – Blush Makeup and Hair | Catering – The Velvet Effect | Bar – Dop etc | Printing – Crei Designs | DJ – That DJ Guy | Dancefloor – SS Floor Hire | Tent hire – Epik Tents | Hiring – The Hire Haus and Grand Style Hire | Planning, on the day coordination, furniture, decor and flowers – Runaway Romance 

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November 28, 2023

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