This is perfect for any woman who loves chocolate, the Easter holidays and or you! This is the most stealthy way of popping the question this Easter. She won’t suspect a thing until she breaks open the egg to find your beautiful love note inside.

You will need:

  • 1 medium, hollow chocolate Easter egg. Try choosing an egg in their favorite colour if you want to bag some extra points.
  • A small plate
  • Coffee cup
  • Teaspoon with rounded handle
  • Kettle to boil water
  • A piece of paper not taller than the height of your egg
  • Pen
  • Ribbon


Step 1: Carefully unwrap your hollow milk chocolate Easter egg and place it on your plate. Keep the wrapping unfolded to the side. If you want you can use the wrapping to hold the egg in place like I did, if you are worried about damaging the wrapping use a clean dish cloth.

Easter Inspired Proposal DIY

Step 2: Place your tea spoon upside down in the coffee cup.

Step 3: Boil the kettle. Once boiled, pour the water around the teaspoon. Fill the coffee cup and allow teaspoon to stand for 1min.

Easter Inspired Proposal DIY

Step 4: Carefully push the back of the hot teaspoon into the very top of your egg. This should melt a little hole into the egg. The hole should be big enough to slip your note into. If you need to you can place the teaspoon back into the water to heat up and repeat.

Easter Inspired Proposal DIY

Step 5: Place the plate with the egg in the fridge for 30 sec to cool everything down. If you don’t do this the note will be covered in melted chocolate.

Step 6: Write your ‘will you marry me’ message on your piece of paper. This is your time to shine so really write whatever feels right.

Easter Inspired Proposal DIY

Step 7: Roll your note thinly and slide into the Easter egg via the little hole.

Easter Inspired Proposal DIY

Step 8: Carefully wrap your Easter egg back in its original wrapper. This does take the hands of a surgeon, so if you aren’t a surgeon expect your rewrapped egg to look a little bumpy. Smooth out the top and bottom joins as much as you can without cracking the egg.


And voila a beautiful surprise proposal Easter egg.

Just maybe tie a special ribbon around this Easter egg so you can identify it, I would hate for Cousin Sophie to find it in the Easter egg hunt instead of your beloved. (awkward) Again hands of a surgeon! Don’t be too rough with the knot tying.

Easter Inspired Proposal DIY

Enjoy this special holiday and time in your relationship. If you do use this idea I would love to see how it worked please leave a comment below or tag us in one of your proposal pics! #RunawayRomance

Do you like this kind of thing and want to make your proposal something out of the ordinary but have no DIY inclination or flare? Don’t stress we have special proposal options and packages available that will give you all of the WOW with none of the work. Send me an email so I can tell you a little more!

Happy (Easter egg) hunting. Oh and by the way if you still want a DIY Easter themed proposal and this didn’t cut it for you have a look at our second idea HERE.

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