You have found the girl of your dreams…YAY… but now need to find the ring of her dreams… Gulp!

Never fear dear fiancé to be we have asked Christy-Anne (Jewellery designer extraordinaire) to share her tips on how to choose the perfect engagement ring.

Guys have tried it all…pieces of string, holes cut in paper, guessing “her finger is about the size of my pinky” … and to be honest, you’re not going to get much accuracy with these!

So listen up smooth operators…if you suspect she may be the one that sometime in the future you will be dropping that knee to, then way before there’s any suspicion or anticipation plan ahead.

Runaway Romance - How to pick an engagement ring

Take her casually to a market or pop in at a jeweler in the mall before your movie and buy her a little something for her Birthday that may need her to size her fingers. Or even better, pretend you’re wanting a ring for yourself and get your finger sized, make a fun thing of it and get her to join in for kicks.

If you didn’t happen to plan ahead you are probably realising that  figuring out your girlfriend’s finger size is one of the trickiest parts of the proposal (especially if you are being super secretive and geared into engagement stealth mode). Here are a few of my most effective tricks you can use to figure out her perfect ring size…

1. Steal a ring of hers that she won’t really know is missing.

Once you have this ring take it to your jeweler to size. DON’T FORGET to make a note of which finger she wears that particular ring on because each finger is a different size. Your middle finger is generally bigger than the ring finger and your working hand is normally slightly bigger than the other because the muscles are more developed. This option is first prize.

2. Get her girls involved.

If you trust her friend or sister to keep a secret, get her involved and to pull a sneaky “I love your rings you wear! I’ve been thinking about getting something for this finger, can I try yours on quick to see if I’d suit something like that?” then….take her with you to the jeweler to size where the ring sat on her finger.

3. Get photographic evidence.

While she’s in the shower, grab one of her rings and take a photo of it against a ruler. Make sure the photo is good quality and close up because half a millimeter can throw out the size….If you’re a handy man and have a Vernier caliper gauge lying around in your man cave, take a reading of the inside hole of the ring with that!

Runaway Romance - How to pick an engagement ring

Now that you have her finger size here are a few tips on choosing her perfect style of ring…

If you’ve been the intuitive boyfriend that picks up on all the subtle hints and made mental notes you’ll be absolutely fine choosing a ring for your wife-to-be. Just relax, follow your gut and she will be happy. If on the other hand, you tune out whenever the convo stops getting interesting and have no idea what she wants then here are a few things to start looking at…

1. What colour metal does she wear? Yellow gold, rose gold, silver?

2. Is her jewellery style bold and big or small and understated?

3. Would she prefer a coloured stone maybe?

4. If you can get access to her Pinterest boards, you’re almost guaranteed to find pictures of rings for “one day when..” take these as inspiration.

Remember to consider her lifestyle when choosing a design or talking to the jeweler:
– Is she sporty and active?
– Does she have a job where she gets stuck in and uses her hands a lot?
– Would she want a wedding band to go with her engagement ring?
– Is she flashy or not?
– Is she fussy about colours matching?

Runaway Romance - How to pick an engagement ring

It’s always a good idea to set yourself a budget before you visit the jeweler to get the ring designed, and what your leeway is if you have to go over budget so that they can try and give you the best
they can within your limits.

Sourcing stones can often take some time once the design is finalised so make sure you see your jeweler in good time and give them at least 3-4 weeks to manufacture. The last thing you want is to rush them and get something you are not happy with.
Remember don’t go for what you like-go for what she likes. At the end of the day though, don’t get too stressed about it, enjoy the process and follow your instincts.

If you want to check out some more of Christy-Anne’s designs check out her Instagram feed here.

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Charlotte Fleet

April 20, 2021

My best friend's boyfriend wants to propose to her soon and he asked for my help in choosing the perfect ring. I love how you stated the importance of taking her jewelry style into consideration when choosing a ring. I will be sure to pass along this information to her boyfriend so that he can find an engagement ring that suits her style perfectly.



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