Chris & Blaire where inspired by our ‘Waterfall & Wild horses’ shoot to travel from across the seas to have their South African elopement under the same beautiful waterfall spray.

To say this was an adventure trip for them is an understatement. They had so many curve balls thrown at them (including an unplanned back op for heavens sake) changed travel plans, moved dates & eventually ended up having their elopement only days before they headed home.

It rained for days leading up to their elopement & even on the day we had to dance around the mist, rain & really cold weather, changing nearly ever plan we had as we went. But dance they did! Even waking up for a “sunrise” walk & hot chocolate.

It was really amazing to watch these two roll with the punches, pause things to reevaluate, process & re-imagine the picture they had for their wedding ‘day’. You can see more of the way Blaire thinks, feels & teaches here, but I do truly believe behind every strong empowered woman is a self-confident, grounded & constant man. (in this case man but I mean partner in general) So thank you guys for being those things.

We kept the décor for their post vow nibbles bright & textured, with handpicked garden roses which were bursting with color & sent as our focus flower. Everything décor wise was kept simple so that the place & it’s ambiance really took center stage.

To you, Chris & Blaire, I thank you for not only choosing South Africa as your place & us as your planners, but for also giving me such a beautiful insight into coping with changed expectations & seeing your wedding day as so much more than just a wedding day, but more like a right of passage into marriage & your next steps together…it was a beautiful thing to witness.

The wonderful team behind this day:

Photographer – Megan Ann | Hair & Make up – Courtney Chadwick | Stationery – Liefling kind | Generous host – Vincent from Mountain haven | Venue – Kaapsehoop (if you do visit please be respectful of this delicate place & make sure you get the correct permits & permission to go to the waterfall) | Planning, coordination, flowers & décor – Runaway Romance

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