Valentine’s Day is around the corner (again!). The shops are full of red flowers, chocolates, teddies and hearts. And the prices have doubled since the beginning of January. Although it’s pretty much become a purely commercial day, it’s still fun to celebrate and probably in your best interest to do something for your love!
We’ve come up with a few ideas that are personal, longer lasting and don’t have to break the bank. Of course, they can be used for “just because” or anniversary ideas too.

1. Start a travel/adventure fund jar
All you need to do is find an empty jar, stick a label on it and put a couple notes or some loose change in it. You can leave it out next to where you would drop your loose change so that it’s easier to remember to fill it. You can also pair it with a travel bucket list, with your top destinations – this will give you something more tangible to work towards.

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2. Make a video card
Instead of buying an overpriced, soppy card, make a video card. Record a personal message to your love and send it to them on V Day. It’s far more sentimental and you can make it really fun by dressing up, using props and including the dog and cat.

3. Buy a flowering pot plant
Rather than spend a fortune of a bunch of 10 roses that will die in 5 days, buy a flowering pot plant. Go down to your local nursery and choose from seasonal, indoor, succulent or hanging pot plants. You’ll also be able to pick up a nice pot to put it in, or go to your local discount store for a pot.

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4. Hand write a love letter
My husband and I write love letters to each other on V Day and our anniversary. It’s great to put your feelings down on paper and say what you feel without getting stuck for words or sounding like a weirdo (like I do!). You can also get a box to put them all in to read again later (and make sure you don’t say the same thing every year!).

5. Make a mixed CD or USB drive playlist
We’re going kinda retro here. Remember getting a mixed tape from your high school boyfriend and how amazing it was? This is like that but keeping up with the times! Obviously tape players are a rare find these days so in keeping with technology, create a playlist on a USB with songs that means something to both of you or tell your other half how you feel about them and your time together. If that’s a bit too modern for you, burn a CD with a playlist and make a fun cover with photos of the two of you.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s actually the thought that counts! I think that while having one day set aside to celebrate love, it’s waaaay better to do something like this spontaneously! It just means that little bit more and shows how much you care.

Either way, have a great month and day of love! Enjoy your celebrations and each other!

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March 17, 2019

Hi there! Such a great article, thanks!



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