If the idea of a scavenger hunt proposal has ever crossed your mind or if you’re soon to be fiancé loves chocolates, bunnies or Easter then the ‘Different kind of ring box’ and ‘Love note in a chocolate egg’ proposal ideas are perfect for you!

A different kind of ring box. This cute little idea gives you so many proposal options. If you are the more traditional type you can open it on one knee to reveal your ring, you can place it in the garden for a traditional Easter egg hunt or you can bring it out while you make breakfast. Either way, the effort and time put into this thoughtful little box will be much appreciated.

You will need:

  • 6 small to medium sized white Easter eggs
  • An empty egg box
  • Free printable box label printed on white A4 paper (Download it here)  Hint: The labels are not pixelated, dont be put off by the download screen and make sure your printer is set to landscape.
  • A printer
  • A small tub of 100’s & 1000’s
  • Pretty string or thin ribbon
  • An elastic band
  • Glue
  • Scissors

EASTER 2015 header pic

Step 1: Either save the 6 cup egg box you have in the fridge or add it to the grocery list. We don’t need the real eggs so go ahead and fry those up.

Step 2: Download and print your free hand painted box labels.

Step 3: Peel the original label off of the outside of the egg box. This can be a bit tricky so take it slow or have a backup box.

Easter Inspired Proposal DIYEaster Inspired Proposal DIY

Step 4: Cut both labels out, sticking label one to the outside of the box and label two to the inside of the box.

Easter Inspired Proposal DIY

Step 5: Sprinkle a thin layer of 100’s & 100’s at the bottom of each egg cup.

Easter Inspired Proposal DIY

Step 6: Place your chocolate Easter eggs inside the cups on top of the 100’s & 1000’s. You have two options here. Either you can leave one egg out and fill this egg cup with 100’s & 1000’s and place your ring there OR attach the ring to one of the eggs with the elastic band.

Easter Inspired Proposal DIY Easter Inspired Proposal DIY

I personally preferred the look of the ring placed in the 100’s & 1000’s but this is totally up to you.

If you are worried about the ring falling out of the box, you can tie it closed with your left over ribbon.

Hazard: The egg box is not exactly air tight, so keep it level to avoid the 100’s & 1000’s all falling out.

Easter Inspired Proposal DIY

Enjoy this special holiday and time in your relationship. If you do use this idea I would love to see how it worked please leave a comment below or tag us in one of your proposal pics! #RunawayRomance

Do you like this kind of thing and want to make your proposal something out of the ordinary but have no DIY inclination or flare? Don’t stress we have special proposal options and packages available that will give you all of the WOW with none of the work. Get in touch so I can tell you more!

Happy (Easter egg) hunting.


love Rebecca1



Feel free to share a link to this tutorial, but note that permission is not granted to reproduce/use the tutorial steps and images or call them your own. We believe in good people & good Karma so please prove us right.

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