Maybe you have been married for the majority of the year or maybe you have literally just finished sipping your last honeymoon martini either way your first Christmas as a married couple is a big deal.

You are officially a unit, a little family of your own and holidays become important milestones in your time together but they can also bring up some pretty funky family stuff.

How do you make your own Christmas traditions?

I loved all of my family and old childhood holiday traditions but as a new wife I really wanted to start a Christmas tradition that was just ours.

We were in a new city away from both families so we got together with another newly married couple and celebrated pizza’eve. We basically made Christmas dinner pizzas. Gammon, pineapple and cherries after my mom’s signature roast, Lamb and mint jelly, Chicken pieces with stuffing and gravy basically anything that reminded us of Christmas went onto a pizza.

It was silly but it was ours. We have since adapted this as a way to eat Christmas lunch leftovers and it’s a winner.

Whose family do you visit?

The importance and ease of this differs from family to family. Long distances, separated parents and end of year budget are all huge factors. BUT remember you are your own family now, you are a grown up and you are actually allowed to do what the F you want.

If you have a family who may keep a bit of a score sheet on this invite them all around to your place or don’t and just eat pizza with your lover instead.

We’ve done the by ourselves thing, alternating parents thing and now are looking at the Christmas with you Easter with them thing. Do what works for you.

What do you buy your new wife/husband for Christmas?

Oh lord, now here’s a topic. I am more of a practical, get me something I need type of girl so:

  • A new diary with all of the important ‘us’ dates marked.

Our wedding anniversary, our proposal date and maybe one or two pre planned weekends away or dinner dates written in to guarantee nothing is forgotten next year.

  • Christmas decorations.

Ok confession we still don’t own Christmas decorations…nope, nothing, nada not even tinsel BUT stocking up on your new home’s Christmas decorations (even if it’s just a stocking) seems like a brilliant and useful gift to me.

As you have probably figured out already the first year/months/weeks of marriage are an amazing mix of emotions, experiences and boundary builders, your first Christmas together will be the same.

Know that it’s ok to stick to doing what you want to do, be open to the love around you and keep it simple.

I would love to hear what you did for your first Christmas as a married couple or what you plan to do! Tell me your story in the comments below.

Much love

love Rebecca1


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