Last week we introduced you to our first good word turned bad: Budget. Our second poor used and abused word is actually a bit of a sheep in wolves clothing, a potentially bad word that we make sound oh so good.

Let me introduce: Trend.

You don’t need to be a social media buff to know that the word trending put in front of anything you did, photographed, videoed, sell or said can be marketing gold. However…not all that glitters is gold! This sneaky little fella fools us into thinking that anything that is on trend is fashion forward, exciting and of quality.

Um no!

Trend is literally defined as “The general direction in which something tends to move”. I know the social structures of what’s on trend are complex and I may be oversimplifying it here but the way I imagine it happening is by someone on a retailers buying team saying “This is cool, this will appeal to the masses and we can make a good mark up on it. Put in an order for a gazillion, go feature it in a music video and market it until we sell out.”

So now there is stock for days of this new ‘on trend’ item and you better believe it aint going anywhere until there is space on those shelves for the next on trend offering.

It’s the biggest, shiniest and sometimes only option people are given at a set point in time.
It is popular but not necessarily good for anything. Or more importantly good for you!

So when you say “wedding trend” I break out into cold shivers!

You have allergies and an intense fear of bugs and all things nature. So why are wearing a flower crown?

Your groom hates bow ties and actually has perfect vision but here we go with polka dot bow ties and thick frame glasses #trending!

Don’t get me wrong if you like flower crowns go wild, if bow ties are your thing get a bow tie for everyday of the week! But if they are not… Please just say no!

If you would like to look back on your wedding photos in the next 20 years and not have a complete cringe reaction because you were following a wedding trend and not your heart then try stick to the following:

  • Reflect both of your personalities and stories in your day.
  • Focus on sentiment over finish. This will make the best or worst décor choice bearable years down the line because there is nothing more beautiful than something that has a special place in your heart.
  • Be the best version of your real self. Not an average version of somebody else.
  • If you are easily swayed maybe skip the (25) bridal fairs you were planning on visiting. There is nothing more confusing than 100 suppliers all giving you a similar version of the latest trend and then convincing you it’s ESSENTIAL.


Remember wedding trends recycle themselves. There are very few ideas out there that are truly new. So if being on trend is very important to you just remember just like it is 12 O’clock somewhere in the world, whatever you choose to do was on trend at some point in time. So just claim it!


Comments (3)


February 2, 2015

Love this Bex - totally true!


betty gibson

February 5, 2015

wat the hell does this mean?????????


    Rebecca Kooiker

    February 6, 2015

    Hehe! Well Betty I find that there are a few key words that the wedding industry (suppliers, adverts, blogs etc.) use that create certain ideas, norms and expectations that are not necessarily realistic, achievable or true.

    So in this series I have chosen two words I feel have good or genuine original meanings (Budget & Romance) but have been used repeatedly in a way that lessens their truth or real value.

    'Trend' however is the opposite. I feel trend at it's essence is given way too much emphasis in the industry. For example the colour of the year will make flowers and decor in that shade increase in price ONLY because it is trending. This price increase applies to nearly anything on trend.

    So what I am saying here is that just because something is popular at the time or generally accepted by the wedding industry it doesn't mean it needs to be what you have at your wedding!

    I'm basically giving you permission to make your day as you as possible without feeling the pressure of conforming to what the wedding industry says is right or wrong xxx


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