Despite thinking of the late (Great) Nelson Mandela every time I say Mandala (somebody please make a flower Mandela ) I have had such a positive response to the flower Mandala we made for our spring post I thought I would show you how to make your own.

Flower Mandalas are fun to do for your Boho besties bachelorette or as a pretty and different way to dress a special table, bed or blanket for two (who wants rose petals when you can have these beauties)

Add some tea light candles to your Mandala creation to bring a super sexy touch (think bathroom floor flower and candle Mandala with a bubble bath and wine – date night sorted)

If you have some flowers that are coming to the end of their shelf life this is a beautiful re-purpose for them. Forage some treasures on your next walk or buy a small mixed bunch choosing flowers that have different shaped petals.

Runaway Romance Flower Mandala

I used:

  • Little white Asters (daisy looking ones)
  • Yellow and orange striped chrysanthemums
  • The bigger petal Purple chrysanthemums.
  • Pink roses
  • The leaves from the above flowers.

*Where roses are normally the stars of the show these simpler (cheaper) chrysanthemums actually worked so much better for this.

Step 1: Get a flat level surface to work on that is out of direct sun and wind (trust me on this). Lay a blanket or big piece of card down if you want to bring in some other colours.

Runaway Romance Flower Mandala

Step 2: Start. You can work from a big outline shape inwards to the center or from the center outwards. I started from the center out, but really the only limits you have here are your surface space and imagination.

Runaway Romance Flower Mandala

Step 3: Now that you have started all there is left to do is let your imagination run wild as you create row after row of shapes.

Runaway Romance Flower Mandala

Runaway Romance Flower Mandala

Helpful tips:

  • Even though the purpose of this is not perfection I found making circles was easier if I laid the petals out in a clock formation and filled in the petals from there.

Runaway Romance Flower Mandala

  • Listen to step 1. I’m sure there is a deep and meaningful reason and lesson behind having your Mandala blown apart by the wind…but I wasn’t my most Zen when this happened.
  • It’s impossible to create perfect symmetry. The petals are all different shapes and sizes so again go for general enjoyment vs perfect result when making your Flower Mandala
  • I found it hard to know when to stop, or to be happy that it was indeed done. (oh how personally revealing Mandalas are) This is totally up to you. Have fun and stop when you’re over it.


A little gift for you!

I always find it hard to take a break from my computer or phone during lunch break SO I have made a mini Flower Mandala grid that is small and easy enough to print and complete at your desk (with as few as two flowers)

Runaway Romance Flower Mandala

Down load your fee grid here and then share your creations with the #RunawayRomance! I really cant wait to see what your imagination creates.

love Rebecca1



Feel free to share a link to this tutorial, but note that permission is not granted to reproduce/use the tutorial steps and images and call them your own. We believe in good people & good Karma so please prove us right.

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