Imogen and Henry chose to elope to the stunning Plettenberg Bay in South Africa. Imogen fell in love with the area on a previous visit. They chose the picturesque Robberg Nature Reserve, known for its breathtaking views and natural beauty.

To add a personal and meaningful touch to their day, Imogen’s shoes were hand-painted, adorned with images of their beloved cats and their favorite tree, adding a sentimental flair.

A view to remember

The couple prepared for their day at the luxurious Tsala Treetop Lodge, a serene and enchanting retreat nestled in the forest canopy. Once ready, we set off to Robberg Reserve, where we embarked on a hike through the reserve, overlooking the expansive Indian Ocean. As they walked, the anticipation and excitement built up. We found a secluded spot along the trail, for the ceremony. This location, with a dramatic cliff on one side and the serene beach and ocean on the other, provided the perfect backdrop for their vows.

During the ceremony, Imogen and Henry incorporated a handfasting ritual, the symbolic act of tying the knot, to symbolize their unity. With the gentle sounds of the ocean as their soundtrack, they pledged their lives to each other in a moment of pure connection and love.

A beachy couple shoot

Following the ceremony, the couple and their photographer, the amazing Sharyn Hodges, continued the hike down to the beach. As the sun dipped towards the horizon, casting a golden glow over the landscape, they captured beautiful golden hour photos. Imogen and Henry laughed, strolled down the beach and played in the waves, creating joyful and unforgettable memories. These moments were immortalized in stunning photographs that would remind them of their special day.

After the photo session, we hiked back to the starting point, relishing in the adventure and the beauty of the day. Imogen & Henry’s evening concluded with a romantic dinner back at Tsala Treetop Lodge, where they celebrated their new life together surrounded by the tranquility and romance of the treetops.

Imogen and Henry’s elopement was a day filled with love, adventure, and personal touches, perfectly capturing the essence of their unique and intimate bond.


The Garden Route Dream Team

Venue – Robberg Nature Reserve, Plettenberg Bay; Tsala Treetop Lodge | Photographer – Sharyn Hodges | Hair & Make Up – Karin Chan from The Art of Make Up| Marriage officiant – Louise from Runaway Romance Marriage Officers | Planning, Flowers & on the day coordination – Runaway Romance

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