As humans, I think we find it hard to accept compliments especially when it’s for something we love doing and that doesn’t feel like work. BUT, I just had to share the amazing review I received from Nicola and Niall (the gorgeous couple in the photo below), whose wedding I had the privilege of planning and attending in September. I was literally speechless – quite a feat I tell you! This made my year and has really picked me up when I needed it 🙂

And the full blog post is live, with more breathtaking photos (I’ve included a sneak peek photo below)

Here it is…

“We’d heard Louise described as the Fairy Godmother of Weddings, and we can certainly vouch for her magic! But we thought of her magical quality more as The Mary Poppins of Weddings. From the very first video call months ago to the 11th hour on our wedding night, she made everything practically perfect in every way. She rose to the challenge of finding us the perfect venue for a fully vegan wedding, and she immediately understood the mood we were going for and had the most incredible eye for dĂ©cor details. She took the reins with all the fiddly little admin things that would have weighed us down, which gave us loads more time to focus on the parts of the day that we were the most excited about.

The suppliers that she chose for us weren’t only brilliant at what they do, but they also perfectly suited our personalities. The more we got to know Louise, the more we realised that this is no coincidence. She treats all of her clients like dear friends, and will work tirelessly to put together a dream team that is unique to every couple. When comparing our experience to friends who didn’t use a planner, we also saw that she managed to save us a significant amount of money! She’s got excellent connections and she made the most of our budget.

Nearing the wedding day, she gave us regular weather updates and was always just a text away. And on the wedding day, she was cool, calm, collected and so organised! There could have been all sorts of set-backs behind-the-scenes and we wouldn’t have known about them at all. We just showed up and enjoyed the day, with everything going incredibly smoothly. I have a lovely memory of dancing up a storm with my family on my wedding night, and looking up and catching Louise’s eye. She smiled, gave us a quick friendly goodbye, and left us soaking up all the magic she’d created. Honestly, if I’d seen her flying away with an umbrella, I wouldn’t have been surprised :).”





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Joy Mullin

November 23, 2021

Wonderful words. All credit to you Louise. Well done.



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