To all the leaplings out there happy birthday.. to all the ladies out there proposing today have you got your breeches or a scarlet petticoat ready? (Apparently to be 100% in line with this old Irish tradition these are essential.. who knew)

You know I hate hyped up or forced traditions more than anything but the tradition of woman proposing on leap day really intrigues me. There are so many factors, stereotypes and equality issues wrapped up into this silly little day that I’ve been wondering is it so silly?

Are you proposing on leap day? How? What made you decide to?

Would you like to propose today?

Would you (as a woman) like the freedom to propose any day of the week or is it A okay that proposing stays a man’s thing?

Menfolk would you like your lady to take off some of the pressure and just pop the question to you? Are you tired of all the relationship ‘romance’ stuff being your duty?

Are we really ready to take that step in relationship role reversals (or more accurately role abolishment) or would it be the end of us (and our/their egos)?

All these questions and thoughts around one day that’s only real purpose is to keep our Georgian calendar in alignment to our earths revolutions… I mean who knew!?


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