Today I wanted to take you behind the scenes of a little Day of the Dead & Mexican fiesta inspired bachelorettes party & celebration I set up for a friend of mine. From the Pinterest mood board I used for inspiration, how I translated this into real life décor & a few pics from the day.

It’s not very often that I get to plan a party for a bride (where I’m her bridesmaid not her planner) and I get to put my drinking shoes on (because I’m a professional & don’t drink while working – & no two glasses of wine doesn’t count as drinking while working)

I also want to do something new…I want to do a follow up DIY post BUT I want YOU to choose which decor item I do the How to post on .

So if you are planning a kitchen tea or bachelorettes party & you need some none plastic penis straw & fluffy ear inspiration this part is especially for you! (side note – you can totally adapt these decor items to a kids or adults birthday party, so no excuses to sit on the side lines here…this can be useful to you too)

Leave a comment with your choice of what you want a a ‘how to’ blog post on or free template for. Or pop over to our Facebook page in the next week & leave your request there… Your options are:

  • A: The hanging streamer loops come table runners
  • B: The Skull shaped adult piñata
  • C: The 5min flower crown
  • D: Glitter cactus garden
  • E: A free thank you packet stencil or printout

Can’t wait to see what I can help with & what you think of this little fiesta!

And here is the full Pinterest board – (I’ll add the DIY “how to’s” here as soon as you have told me which one to do – Yay!)

Mucho Amor

Although the decor was all my own DIY, the wonderful guests bought the snacks & Bev created the incredible succulent garden cupcakes & cactus cookies. If you want her help on any baking or catering goodness you can get hold of her on or 082 8242515

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April 2, 2021

Wow! you all had a pleasant and enjoyable celebration of Dead & Mexican fiesta inspired bachelorettes party & celebration.
It's nice to see your decor that you make your own. Beautiful pictures and stuff.


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