So it’s no Cape Town (yet) but heck is Durban doing some cool things lately!

I am constantly on the look out for new, exciting and different venues that could be transformed into a non-traditional or small wedding spaces. I finally got to visit the creative mecca that is Station Drive Precinct and was totally blown away. It is easily the most creatively rich bit of real estate in Kwa-Zulu Natal right now.

Home to countless creative companies The Design factory, The commune and The Plant are worth an in depth adventure (take a day.. preferably tue – sat when S43 is open) until then here are a handful of my favourite spots and companies plus some pictures of my day in the city.

Station Drive DurbanStation Drive DurbanStation Drive DurbanStation Drive DurbanStation Drive DurbanStation Drive Durban
Christy-Anne Jewellery
This lovely lady designs and hand makes everything herself. Keeping in mind the person and occasion she is designing the piece of jewellery for, she creates something especially for you that is absolutely you!

Modern, simple, hand crafted pieces of jewellery that are well made and insanely beautiful. Christy-Anne makes custom engagement rings and wedding bands, personalised bridesmaids gifts or even just a little something special for you, love you!

Runaway Romance Station drive

Kraft Eyewear
By using off cuts that would have normally been chucked and wasted Kraft create uber cool eyewear. Actually seeing their workshop and the care and the attention to detail that is involved in this process was insane.

Kraft also makes the cutest wooden bow ties for your groom and his men, their glasses make for great menfolk wedding day gifts or even killer anniversary presents.

Station Drive Durban

Nadia Van der Mescht
Nadia specialises in assisting creative business owners to establish their brand through a range of services designed specifically for small to medium businesses which is so cool because creative business can be/do/grow in such a different way to ‘normal’ business.

I’ve had the pleasure of using Nadia’s creative business consulting skills online but it was so great to see where her ‘home’ is in real life.

The Makers space
Ok so this is one of the smartest ideas I’ve seen in a long time. The makers space is basically a workshop full of all the cool gadgets and gizmos every creative dreams of having but could never own themselves – Laser cutting machines, 3-D printers and a bunch of impressive looking tools who’s names/uses I do not know.

It works on a similar concept to an office share and you pay per session and get to play with all their gadgets while working alongside some other really talented folk. If we lived in Durban I would lose my husband to this place FOR SURE!

Station Drive Durban
The Distillery 031
Ok so this space…my soul. A working distillery for artisan spirits sits right alongside their bar & restaurant area. Natural light for days, great design and some pretty interesting hard tack makes this such a calm, fun and welcoming place.

I’m trying to think of an event/excuse to justify me coming down and taking over this dream space, I’m thinking stylish small wedding? Any adventurous couples keen?

Psst… they have got some sexy new branding going on (as of 2017) so dont get thrown by the label, this place & their drinks are still amazing!!


Is Station Drive Precinct your favourite street in Durban? If it is who is your favourite creative there? If it isn’t tell me about which street is better by leaving a comment below and I will go and visit it the next time I’m in town.

love Rebecca1



P.S. the photos used for Christy-Anne, Kraft & The Distillery 031 where supplied by them. The photo of Nadia’s office is from the lovely Bright Girl Photography. Thanks for letting us use your pics.

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November 27, 2015

I work in Station Drive and agree with your synopsis, some really exciting things happening! Local creatives and great webbings.


    Rebecca Kooiker

    November 28, 2015

    Ah Steve, so good to hear from a local!
    Totally agree with you! We have so many amazing talents right on our doorstep who offer incredible work,produce & product!
    Ps where do you work I'd love to visit next time.


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