This month I celebrate my 5 year wedding anniversary with the man who makes me believe in love and marriage!

So for fun I have put together a list of  just 5 of the (many) things we have and haven’t done in our marriage so far.

5 things we haven’t done in 5 years of marriage:

  1. ‘Settled down’ or bought a forever house.
  2. Had children. (PS. asking wont speed anything up so just chill people)
  3. Killed each other.
  4. Made our millions.
  5. Let other peoples ideas on what marriage should look like shape ours.


5 things we have done in 5 years of marriage:

  1. Learnt to fight nicely. (one of the most important lessons of my life)
  2. Traveled to 9 countries together. (Madagascar, Portugal, Spain, Zanzibar, Thailand, Botswana, China, Vietnam , Cambodia)
  3. Fallen more in love than when we started.
  4. Blown most of our savings on travel and learning. (And enjoyed every second of it.)
  5. Gone to counseling when we needed it.


What have you done or not done in your marriage that you are super flippen proud of? Tell me and join our little anniversary celebration train…

Much love

love Rebecca1


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