We’re all different. We like different music. And obviously each and every couple want something different out of a First Dance Song.

You may be that couple that just want to get it out of the way. Or the ones that want to make each and every step count. That’s why there’s never a one-size-fits all solution to the First Dance Song.

In How to choose the perfect First Dance Song Part I,  we had a look at what makes a good choice for that all-important moment at your reception… a tune that’s

  • beautiful,
  • heartfelt
  • and has rhythm and swing.

Now it might come to pass that your first dance song doesn’t have all of these attributes. Perhaps it’s beautiful and heartfelt, but lacking in the rhythm and swing department.

It may also be a lovely tune… that comes in at seven minutes!

I’ve played at many weddings in my time, and I’m here to say don’t despair, because that’s when your DJ needs to apply a bit of the skill he or she has learnt over the years to smooth out the opening of the dance floor.

Over the years many couples have come to me with the same request… we love our First Dance Song but it’s too long/too slow/too soppy and we’re worried it’s going to make everyone go to sleep!

There’s a very easy solution to this problem.

  • Keep the song, it’s what you want.
  • But choose a great song to follow it up with!


And this is how you go about it…

1. Dance to your first dance song
2. Give you photographer, videographer, granny and aunty the opportunity to record the moment for posterity
3. Ask your DJ to fade out and mix in your next song…
4. Get dad, mum, your bridesmaids and groomsmen on the floor to get the party started!

It’s important to remind said parties that part of their wedding duty is to help open the dance floor! Oddly enough, sometimes your right hand men and women are so caught up in the moment that they forget to step onto the floor! And of course some of your groomsmen might just want the groom to sweat a bit!

If you’re a little bit nervous in the service about your dance floor kicking off, also don’t hesitate to give your DJ a couple songs you’d like to start things with. There’s nothing wrong with giving them a couple tunes you love (and you know others at the party will love) to get the party started.

A good wedding DJ will always be able to read a crowd, but it’s also a good idea to add what you know about your mates to the equation… for example, if you and your friends have an anthem… a song that you find yourselves dancing on tables to, you might consider letting the DJ know about it so he or she can slip the track on at that crucial moment.

Also don’t despair if you dance floor doesn’t heat up straight away – consider that weddings are long. By the time the dancing comes around, the old codgers might be a bit knackered. So don’t stress if the ballies have a bit a boogie and then spend the rest of the night yacking to each other. Just be aware of these kinds of things when you notice an empty dance floor. Everyone wants to kuier as well, which doesn’t necessarily translate to constant dance offs.

Here’s a couple songs that I love and work great as dance floor openers:

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go – Wham!
Kids in America – Kim Wilde
Burn Out – Sipho Hotstix Mabuse
Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley
Pump Up The Jam – Technotronic
Daddy Cool – Boney M
Valerie – Amy Whinehouose
My Baby Just Care For Me – Nina Simone
Please Don’t Stop The Music – Rihanna
In the Mood – Glen Miller Band


The Klassikist is a veteran DJ who has loved music since he first saw his mum put a seven single on a turntable when he was a wee tiny tot. He’s been rocking dance floors for the past 20 years and still is. You can find out more about him here and here.

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