You know how much I love looking at wedding traditions and either adjusting them to better suite you or scraping them completely…so why wouldn’t we look at doing the same thing with your honeymoon? (not the scraping part, I still want you to go on honeymoon, relax)

When we got married the last thing on either of our minds was trying to plan another ‘event’ after the actual wedding day! Plus, we had blown through the biggest amount of money we add ever allocated to ourselves and the thought of paying for anything MORE in that same month was beyond us.

So, we delayed our honeymoon… ie. we didn’t even start planning it until after our wedding day and once we felt settled in our new groove, house and ‘married’ titles.

I know many a couple who have loved their honeymoon escape straight after their wedding day but these are 7 reasons why I think delayed honeymoons rock:

  • More time with the people who travelled to be with you.

Unless you eloped and it’s just the two of you, you will probably have invited a handful of your most favourite people to be with you. I mean how often do we get our special people together in one place for something as exciting as getting married?

The chances are many of these guests have travelled for your celebration and getting in a plane or on the road and buggering off while the people you hardly see all stay behind and party or spend time together just sucks.

  • More head space to decide where you really want to go.

Planning a wedding no matter how big or small takes up a lot of head and heart space and I find many couples fall into the usual honeymoon destinations or packages just because it was easier.

Now travel of any sort is amazing (and without sounding too fussy here) wouldn’t you want to spend your precious time and money on going on a bucket list trip rather than a catalogue trip?

  • It gives your bank account some time to recover.

Even if you say No to the wedding ‘stuff’ and stay on budget and don’t over spend (Go you) chances are your bank account could do with a little rest right about now.

By breaking the two events or experiences up you allow yourself that extra time to save up again, find your feet with your new household budgets and just make smatter financial decisions.

  • You can go to a place in its best season, not just the season you happen to be married.

There are SOOOO MANY amazing places to Honeymoon at home but if you are wanting to venture overseas remember we (the Southern hemisphere) experience opposing seasons to Northern hemisphere.

Also, the most popular times to get married in South Africa are around Easter (March / April) and Christmas (November / December) these also happen to be slap bang in the peak travel seasons and chances are you will be paying way more on airfares, tours and accommodation. Plus, general availability will be a lot trickier during these times.

  • It’s something to look forward to.

No matter how stress free and focused your wedding day is it goes by really fast (in comparison to the time you spent planning for it) Instead of having just one week or month of flash by amazing’ness by delaying your honeymoon you get two amazing experiences.

Also, the first few months / year / (sorry to tell you) even years can be tough. By delaying your honeymoon, you get to break up the everyday routine with a timeout that can help you refocus on each other and enjoy each other’s time in a way you may have taken for granted straight after your wedding.

  • It’s a better way to spread taking leave or time away from work.

If you work for a company or yourself taking a big chunk of leave probably won’t be the easiest thing to do/may scare the crap out of you. I know exactly what it feels like to be gone for a few days and then spend the next 3 weeks catching up.

By delaying your honeymoon, you get to plan around this ‘out of office’ stress and break it up into slightly more manageable chunks. Because there is no use sitting in tropical paradise with your love if all you can think of is your inbox exploding.

  • Because you can.

Well now this one is easy… Just because it’s been done a certain way in the past doesn’t mean that’s how you should do it or that it’s the best option for you. So, if you want to delay your honeymoon for a few days, weeks or months after your wedding… you can!

Being married is exciting. It’s the real reason you got married, so ease into it… do it your way and have a honeymoon to remember. You both really deserve it.

Much love


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