Oh no is this going to be one of those blogs that tells me to serve vegan dishes and not drive too far to my wedding venue??

Heck NO! I eat meat and love traveling. Plus I don’t think you should ever do something because you were guilted into it or because its popular – green is the new black – and all that. This blog will however give you some easier than you think ideas and ways to make your wedding day less wasteful and as eco-conscious as you choose it to be.

A bit of an all or nothing type of bride or not convinced this is for you? By adopting just one of the ideas here for your wedding day you will be making a difference.
Just remember this quote

“My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”  -David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas-

Runaway Romance - Recycle your wedding

Reduce the stuff. Less hype more happy!

  • Send e-invites. Check out the amazing fforever platform for this or ask your stationery designer to design your digital save the dates and invites.
  • Print one big order of ceremony or menu board instead of one per guest.
  • Opt for minimal packaging. Use one big bowl for the confetti instead of individual confetti packets. When you do use packaging try use something that is recyclable or made from recycled materials.
  • Have a day time wedding to decrease the electricity used by the venue or mood lighting.


Reuse what you (or someone else) already has.

  • Hire or buy a pre-loved wedding dress. This is a double wammy win for budget and environment.
  • Repurpose the ceremony décor or flower arrangements as part of your reception décor.
  • Let your wedding party use shoes, shirts and accessories they already own. And if you do buy new make sure your groom and the rest of the wedding party buy suites, dresses and accessories they will actually use again.
  • Hire in the décor elements you won’t use again.
  • Upcycle everyday items that debut as ‘new’ for your day – centre piece bottles or tins, crate furniture or sign boards, reclaimed door tables, an old bath or wheel barrow as your ice bucket. (Thanks to Pinterest and the love of vintage these options are literally endless)


Be ethical in your choices.

  • Don’t use purchased feathers for your décor. I only realised a while back (thanks to my company crush, Eco-Chic weddings) the cruelty attached to feathers bought commercially. I’m lucky enough to have a mum who has free roaming Guinea fowls and Peacocks and just pick up the feathers from around the garden. So go for a walk and see what you find instead of buying.
  • Buy local. Could one of your favorite food stalls be your caterer? Could they buy their produce for your wedding from your favorite local farmers market? If you want to do guest favours give jams, sweets or treats made by hand or by other small local companies.
  • Make sure your coffee and tea at the end of the night is grown responsibly or supports freetrade?
  • Buy an engagement or wedding ring that has certified conflict free diamonds or better yet get a different kind of bling all together.


Recycle what yo can.

  • Use biodegradable confetti like – bird seed, lavender heads or other herbs, leaves (natural or punched into shapes), 100’s & 100’s or any full flower or petals.
  • Ask your venue to participate by separating out the glass, tins and plastic from the bar so you can take that to a recycling depot.
  • Have a pretty recycle bin out for guests too. They can then recycle any on the day stationery you provide.
  • Recycle in the non-traditional sense by selling the items from your day that can be reused to your venue, planner, décor supplier or privately.
  • Your dress can even be ‘recycled’ by selling or hiring it out again.


If you can’t Reduce, Reuse or Recycle it how about gifting it?

  • Gift your flower arrangements to an old age home or local NGO’s office.
  • Approach a feeding scheme or children’s home nearby and ask them if they would be interested in any leftover food or treats. (Worried this type of gifting sounds weird..read this)


Recycling your wedding doesn’t mean looking cheap or being anal! As you can see going green doesn’t mean going ugly!

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Lets be that one drop that makes up the ocean.

love Rebecca1



If you want to read more here are some resources I found useful

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International resources: Summary of 8 blogs that host recycled weddings | A variety of recycled wedding treats and trinkets for sale on Etsy

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