Last week I shared 6 tips on how to forage like a semi decent human, this week I’m rounding them off with these last 3 goodies…

  • The good old theory of Less is more.

Amen to that … Know how to use and display your foraged finds in a way that highlights the best of their natural, raw, and probably rough beauty.

I know it’s tempting to foil, dip, glitter, and spray everything second thing to fit into your color scheme…but maybe try make your décor set up or creative direction work around your found treasure not the other way around.

  • Beauty without purpose or thought is a luxury we no longer have

Always try eat or donate the food you use in shoots or décor.

Hunger is a real thing, especially here in South Africa. Being able to eat whatever food products you use will mean keeping them as clean as possible, knowing if they are poisonous and not spraying or painting them…

This can be (VERY) difficult to do when you have time constraints, when you have been on site all day and are exhausted and stuffing everything into the rubbish bin seems a lot easier than separating out edibles and recycling your wedding decor…but again see it as a challenge & even a necessity.

Do it as often as you can and don’t quit because you caved once.

  • Think before you throw.

When getting rid of seeds, leaves or other foraged goodness try compost them in a neutral place or return them to where they came from.

Again this may seem like more effort than it’s worth especially when it’s been a long day/week/month.

But spreading seeds that aren’t local or from that area can introduce invaders. These invaders can destroy ecosystems and full landscapes! Just ask Australia or any other history book that shows the repercussions of introducing animals or plants to a place they don’t belong.

Now I know these steps can sound like a lot of effort or a bunch of ‘hippy’ rules and nobody likes rules… but we are coming into a time when going slowly and thinking before we take or consume is important if not critical to ourselves and planet.

SO do what you can, tell other people about what you learn and don’t underestimate the bigness of your small actions, because they do count.

Know someone who will love these foraging tips or who is using found greenery in their wedding décor? I’d really appreciate it if you shared this or last weeks tips with them on Facebook or email through the easy share buttons below.

Much love



Black Sheep Bride, thank you for being a constant reminder that weddings can add good to the world (& for originally featuring this post) it is so appreciated.

PS. This was the amazing team behind these images.

Photographer: Page & Holmes |Concept, styling & flowers: Runaway Romance | Venue: Emily Moon River Lodge | Décor: Amatuli Artefacts | Stationery: Rebelle Design | Hair & Make up: The Art of makeup | Bridal gown: Loca Vintage Bridal | Jewellery: Katy Valentine | Hike and getting ready outfitsStitch & Steel | His & Hers Mini Cakes: Clares cakes

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