If I am being 100% honest I sometimes get a bit miff that the wedding photographers are treated like the Rock Stars of the wedding industry.

I mean they always share the pictures of the wedding first (obviously, its their thing) their Instagram feeds are always immaculate (obviously, beautiful images are their job) and people seem to remember them way after the wedding day is over (it does help that they literally watermark your memories)

BUT all that aside I want to discuss why it is actually your job as a wedding planner to help them achieve this Rock Star status. And why I believe that if you aren’t enabling your suppliers to outshine you on the wedding day you aren’t doing your job right!

*Before we go any further I don’t want anyone to think that the couple has been side lined here…The couple and their start of forever is and should always be the main focus of a wedding day (I mean duh) I’m talking about the suppliers side of the day here. AND some of my best friends are photographers so no hard feelings to you either..promise*

As wedding planners we don’t really create a lot of tangible ‘things’. We may do the flowers or the styling but unlike most other suppliers we don’t leave you with a thing…. A dress, a cake, a photo album etc. That is why it is often hard for couples to attach an accurate value to us (but that’s for another post)

Therefor our THING becomes making sure our team of supplier’s things are delivered to the best of their ability.
So when planning with your couples create the right expectations for them based around their style, budget and venue.

When creating a mood board make sure the references are achievable to all involved and aren’t just a bunch of unachievable pretty pictures.

Ask suppliers what they need from you as the wedding planner, the venue or the couple to do their best job. Even if you can’t give it to them you will understand them and their process better.

When planning your timeline for the day, talk to every single supplier. Get their feedback and suggestions.  Leave time buffers in between events or tasks. Your couple and suppliers will thank you for not having to rush madly through the day. Work out travel times with traffic. Tell people if something won’t be possible before the wedding day..

Send all of your suppliers the timelines, info pack, venue addresses for the wedding day. Stick to the timing plan and let people know as soon as you can if something will be delayed.

Having the décor set up way before the ceremony starts can be the difference between shit décor shots and  your couple not even remembering the effort and planning that went into their day vs those very special personal touches and details that made that décor and day so unique being beautifully preserved for ever.

It may seem trivial but by you as the planner ensuring everything is ready and set up in good time you allow photographers the time to capture the details of the décor perfectly. Allow them time between the décor shots and the ceremony to set up properly, change their lenses (or what ever the hell they do) and be their ready to capture the couple.

The same concept applies  for your caterers. By setting out and keeping to a good wedding day timeline you allow them to serve the best version of their food Vs running an hour late and either killing the food (or the Chef) from too much standing time.

Basically you need to arm each supplier with as many tools, as much time and enough love and respect to enable them to exceed expectations. By giving your couple, their families and every supplier involved in the wedding day their perfect amount of time, warning and preparation you allow for the real potential of the day to be uncovered.

Because you only shine when they shine and not a minute before.

Are you a wedding supplier who wished a planner did something differently? What was the one thing you wished they did or told you that would have made your work shine?

Are you a wedding planner? How do you work with your suppliers for a wedding day? What’s the one thing you do that always gets the best from your team?

Much love


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