Were you the recipient of beautiful roses this Valentine’s day? Wondering what to do with them once they are past their prime? (Other than give them the chuck)

Well I took some inspiration from our Spa Day Treats At Home post and created this sweet little rose petal sugar scrub.

This is a very easy DIY project and you can even make it into a scrub for two if you want to show your thanks to the rose giver (grrrr)

Pink Rose petal sugar body scrub how to

You will need:

  • 1 1/2 cups plain white sugar
  • 1/4 cup baby oil (or Bio oil)
  • Rose petals from 2 Roses (add more if you want)
  • A blender
  • A pretty Jar or Bottle

How to:

Add the sugar, oil and rose petals together in the blender.

Pink Rose petal sugar body scrub how to

Blend. I added half the sugar to start and then the second half once the oil was nicely mixed in.

If you want the scrub to be rough don’t blend for as long or hand mix the ingredients. If you want the scrub to be a bit smoother add a little more oil.

Pink Rose petal sugar body scrub how to

Once you are done blending the ingredients use the rosey scrub straight away or put into a pretty little jar to keep for a day or two.


  • The darker your petals the more dramatic the effect. Your traditional Red Valentines day  roses will pop while the lighter ones fade into the sugar a bit as you see here.
  • If you are wanting to make this into a gift (because it’s a pretty cute gift let’s be honest) I suggest drying out your rose petals first, blending them separately and then adding them to the sugar/oil mix.
  • The fresh petals smell great but they do start to brown and are better used the same day.

Pink Rose petal sugar body scrub how to

And how did you like this little bath time treat? Did you make yours better by adding something else? I would love to know so leave me YOUR tips in the comments below.

Pink Rose petal sugar body scrub how to

Much love





Pst…Please feel free to share a link to this tutorial, but note that permission is not granted to reproduce/use the tutorial images or call them your own. We believe in good people & good Karma so please prove us right.

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