Things are changing. Not only in the smaller, annual “it’s a new year and new years always bring change” kind of way, but in a much bigger, deeper, continents are going to shift kind of way.

Or at least that’s what I feel and currently believe.

As lives move faster, cost more and feel more difficult to keep a handle on people are being forced to/can only cope with focusing their available resources (energy, time, money, fucks given) on what is essential.

This is no different to how people are approaching wedding planning.

As I am lucky enough to be a part of more and more wedding days I have noticed that the décor, the theme and the look of a wedding are becoming less and less important to me, the wedding guests and my couples. This may sound strange as what is a wedding if not a neatly defined, color coordinated, put into a Pinterest worthy themed box???

BUT If you can stay with me through the ‘colors and themes don’t matter to a wedding’ crazy talk and want to know what I really think the new wedding trend of 2018 is (Pantone colors or the IT flower aside)well then in 2018 Im putting my money on the wedding CEREMONY becoming more of the days focus.

So scrap what it essentially looks like and think about everything it FEELS like.

Practically this means:

  • Ceremonies held in places that more accurately relate to or represent the couple.
  • Slightly longer ceremonies with more family and guest participation.
  • More comfortable, inclusive and closer seating to facilitate this ‘we are all here to be a part of your yes’ feel.
  • Couples spending more time personalising their vows, readings and flow of their ceremony.
  • More friends officiating for couples on the day, keeping the legal and the sentimental totally separate.
  • Less people being invited to the ceremony, as this becomes a more raw and personal moment, with the reception having more people or even being split into 2 separate celebrations.


What do you think the 2018 Wedding Trend will be? I would really like to hear your thoughts so please leave me a comment below or shout out on Facebook.

Much love

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