For the last two years I have made it a point to stop and celebrate Runaway Romance turning a year older. Because business/life is tough, keeping anything alive for a year at a time is impressive & I have exceptionally low standards for reasons to open champagne!

In my first year I was honestly just thrilled to make it to One Year. Eat dust small business survival rate stats. (read while making ninja chop hand actions)

In my second year I took a lot of my lessons learnt and applied them to a very me focused ‘Gift of Nothing’ December sabbatical (which I may just do again this year, because Im a rebel like that)

So what do you ask will we do for our third year Birthday Bash? Oh the suspense..

Well, drum roll….I don’t actually want to make it about me at all!

You see once I got past the initial (very real) me slogging it out, me making it happen, me putting in the hours, part of the business establishment phase (cue year 1, 2 & a chunk of 3) I’ve realised that actually, launching (we can call it launching, flying, gliding, ascending or more accurately hurtling in what you hope is a forward motion at some crazy speed attempting to look like a semi put together adult/professional), is only possible by the pure grace and generosity of the people, businesses and community around you.

Don’t get me wrong I still put in a solid days work BUT what I now understand is that it is the work yours attaches to, clicks into, supports or is supported by that makes the real launch motion possible!

So this year I would like to celebrate my Business Birthday by truly celebrating and deeply honoring the gracious community around me.

These are a few of the many many people who make it possible to do life & work in the way I do…Happy flippen Birthday guys (and yes the cake and bubbly is at my place, so come on over)

My husband who endures way more than he signed up for.

My family who always understand even when they don’t really understand.

Wendy my assistant who has revolutionised the way I work & how Runaway Romance works.

My very small but precious handful of real life friends who make me go on walks, take me for wine, call me on the way to work and forgive me when I don’t message them for a month at a time/never make their weekend functions.

My online friends who spell check me, read my blogs (so that’s YOU!) give a shit what I post on social , make me feel validated by liking my stuff and supporting my business and it’s goals even though there is nothing in it for you.

My multiple couples (from year 1 to now & beyond) who trust me with your most special days. You pretty much should be on the top of my list but I didn’t want to offend the Husband or friends. You are the reason why I am allowed to do what I love for a living.

Chris from Blacksmith Media who saves me multiple times a day from total interweb failure.

My industry friends (in no particular order) who not only sympathise but encourage me constantly, Adore weddings, White Lilly Bridal, Hire Society, Niki M Photography, Jacques Crafford, Oh Happy Day, Nupt Bridal, Megan Ann Photography, Page & Holmes, Bouwer flowers, Nestlings Photography, Kiss Kiss, Ambient films, Judith belle, Andy & SzerdiStar and Harbour, Estefania Romero and all of the many people I know I will have left off this list and totally not intended to…Im sorry and thank you!

Oh yes and this really pretty cake that we smooshed all over roses was made by All things Nice and the pics were taken by Megan Ann photography.

Much love and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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Joelene Sylvester

December 18, 2017

So freaking proud to both know you, and call you a friend. Sending you so much love on your biz birthday - and always. Here's to a crazy 2018 my friend!


    Rebecca Kooiker

    December 19, 2017

    Thank you Joe. Really appreciate all the real world & industry love..and ching ching to 2018 x

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