Chances are you have been to at least one wedding where you wished the seating plan gods where a bit kinder to you!

You got seated at the suppliers table that is left empty most of the night or the single hottie you had your eye on got seated on the other side of the room with all the married couples. (what a waste)

Or on the flip side of that you are the bridal couple trying to figure out how to seat all your guests in a way that will keep the political peace, work out logistically (because yes you have to work with a set amount of tables in a set space) and make sure you seat your fiancés single guy friend with his couple friends so he doesn’t feel awkward.

Which brings me to the question …With all of this fuss over something so small are wedding day seating plans really worth it?

I’m going to say NO they aren’t straight off the bat. Because anything that stresses you out in the least, makes you spend unnecessary brain cells or budget should always (in my opinion) be shelved, axed and otherwise forgotten about. (aint nobody got time for expending extra brain cells)

People will normally form organic bonds and end up gravitating to the people they want to be with. No seating plan also means no guests reading into why they were put in the dark corner or next to the kitchen or at the suppliers table.

You will save budget by not having to print a seating plan or name tags and time by not having to make tables ‘work’ , place name tags, rearrange those name tags when someone doesn’t show etc.

If you feel this is way too radical and your family and friends just wouldn’t make it through the day without some outside direction (or if you do have some tricky politics you want to keep on opposite sides of the room) you can always do a ‘formal’ seating for older family members and let the younger ones and your friends sit where ever is left open.

Ditching the seating plan is not so much about ditching the seating plan as it is letting go of the pressures of the ‘traditional’ wedding, it’s ‘have to do’ list and it’s structure. I mean shit print the lists if you want to, just don’t do it because you think you have to.

People are there for you. They don’t really care about the stuff. Or do you think I am wrong about seating plans?

Tell me as a guest do you prefer to have a seating plan or sit where ever you want? Are you a bride who ditched the plan or did you just love having one? Let me know in the comments below & then share the love by sending this to a bride in need through our easy share buttons.

Much love


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