Like most things in a relationship it is not the final result that we care about but the intention and the effort put into an act that matters most. So yes going out to a fancy restaurant may seem like a better date night result BUT doing something that comes from you and has a whack load of your own effort behind it will always be more appreciated (well I think so anyway)

So before you rush to book a date night OUT have a look at these easy steps on how to set up an at home date night with killer ‘romantic’ table included. All the stuff I used you could find in any semi adult (maybe even a student digs) house, so no excuses.

Step 1 – Figure out when.

Plan a night where you have enough time to actually get this stuff done without putting too much pressure on yourself. Look at having at least an hour set aside before your lover arrives to set everything up, to jump through the shower and be ready for them.

Step 2 – Plan the meal.

Now Woolworth’s eat in for R150 is one of my favorite things ever. Cooking doesn’t really spin my wheels so I would rather have the meal be pretty easy to put together and spend my time and intention on setting the ‘scene’. If you love cooking go wild here… prep the stuff beforehand or cook together… as long as you have planned something within your cooking sphere of ability and no one goes hungry you are golden.

Step 3 – Set the table.

What you need for this table set up:

  • Kitchen scissors
  • A bunch of flowers
  • A bottle of something
  • Tea light candles (min 4)
  • 2x dinner/long candles
  • 2x beer/water glasses
  • 4x short glasses
  • 2x empty beer bottles (dont even tell me you dont have empty beer bottles)
  • Plates, bowls & cutlery to suite your meal
  • Paper napkins (good old no names work just fine)

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Set out the plates, cutlery and glasses like they would at a restaurant. Fold your napkins and put your wine glasses out.

Have a bottle of wine or bubbly waiting for as your love arrives. Obviously the pro of being at home is you get to be as close as you want without being judged for PDA so set the places next to each other if your hand holders or slightly closer than normal if you are more ‘look into each other’s eyes’ types.

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Step 4 – Set the scene.

What takes this table from general dinner to date night is the scene.

  • Candles (as romantically cliché as they are) are always a good idea. Buy a small pack of tea light candles to dot around the table/house. Putting them in a glass is probably safer, just remember to keep enough glasses to drink from. Now put 4 tea lights into your short drinking glasses. With your kitchen scissors carve the ends of your tall candles to fit into your beer bottles.

Runaway Romance | Date night in | Runaway Romance | Date night in |

  • Now place the candles down the center of the table like mine or at the head of the table if you prefer. Notice how I keep the tall candles (and later flowers) to the side so you can still see each other.

Runaway Romance | Date night in |

  • Then the flowers. If you are comfortable with choosing flower combinations go ahead, if you want a particular color theme and aren’t too sure about combining yourself get a big ready made bunch that you like and then separate it out. (No you can’t just leave the bunch in a vase.. this is about you making something special and taking time to do it – even if it looks weird)
  • Ive simply cut one bunch of the same flowers and put them into two drinking glasses.
  • If your budget doesn’t stretch to a bunch of flowers, greenery is a really good alternative. A few bunches of pretty, different looking leaves makes for a great set up and is actually pretty ‘on trend’ if it makes you feel better. (P.S you are welcome to say I said so.)

Runaway Romance | Date night in | Runaway Romance | Date night in |

*Add some fancy factor – a really nice touch it to use two of the left over leaves as ‘name tags’ just cut the leaves to a similar length & write your names (or nicknames) on the leaves with tippex pen or a permanent maker.

Runaway Romance | Date night in |

And there you have it a very special date night table set up by you, for them, with time, effort and intention in tow.

Runaway Romance | Date night in |

Step 5 – Up your game (totally optional and suggested once the basic table and stay in date night has been mastered)

If you want to up your date night game add in a bath (for them) before dinner or hang fairy lights all over the patio to create a little outdoor oasis, or ditch the table and do an on the floor picnic (you can see an example of this at the end of our amazing vow renewal)

So happy date night and let me know how it goes. Remember it’s not about getting it perfect it’s about caring enough to try! Go you GO!

Much love





Feel free to share a link to this tutorial, but note that permission is not granted to reproduce the tutorial steps or images and call them your own. We believe in good people & good Karma so please prove us right.

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