How the hell does sex, money and household budgets all fit into one sentence?

Well I’ve said it many times and truly believe that 95% of all marital fights primarily stem from two subjects.

Sex and Money.

Say what you will, it’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

Because I care as much about your wedding day as I do about your marriage (sexy time and money included) I thought I would share with you the household budget we use to keep our money fights as low as possible. Pre and post wedding budgets for the win!

This has worked for us and I’m hoping it will work for you.

  • First thing you need to do: Down load your free house hold budget here.
  • Second thing you need to do: It will take some time to set up this budget (as in a Saturday morning) and the more accurate you are the better it will serve you. (Yes you need to look at your bank statements and not just guesstimate)
  • Third thing: Once you’ve set your budget up and given yourself a month or two to settle into it…set up debit orders. Put as many debit orders in place as you can to make sure the money you allocated actually gets to its destination. Set up a debit order for your savings account, store accounts and credit card repayments to make sure you’ve saved and paid before you spend.

Look at your budget as often as you need to and change it up as time goes by.

I find it easier to keep to a budget when I only have the budgeted amount of cash available to me. Very much out of site out of mind! So I allocate my money in a way that after fixed expenses, investments and repayment debit orders, I’m only left with our food budget in one card and my ‘spending money’ in the other. (Yes we even budget in our monthly spending allowances)

Being clear on finances, where you are with them and where you want to go with them is SO important (for your big girl pants and for your relationship) and worth every second of this exercise!

Please remember that I am by no means ‘qualified’ to advise you on either subject (I’m not a sexologist and I’m not an accountant) but I can keep to a budget like nobody’s business and have a husband who eats excel spread sheets for breakfast.

I would love to know if you already have a household budget? Has it worked for you? Let me and everyone else in on your ‘keeping the peace’ household money secrets in the comments section below.

Know a couple that could use this template? Then please share the love by passing it on to them via email or the social media share buttons.

love Rebecca1



PS. this template was originally downloaded from the Microsoft Office suite and edited by us. It isn’t intended for resale or any other for profit distribution (it is just a token of love and appreciation from me to you) x

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