South Africa’s Freedom day has nothing to do with weddings… It has to do with our country being freed from an outdated, unnecessary, cruel way of being, thinking and acting. The 27th April 1994 marked the first democratic elections for our country and the first (of many) steps towards our ongoing reform, growth and healing.

As a human being you have choices everyday on how to act, how to react and what to believe.

As a bride you have just as many choices (even though it may not feel that way through all the wedding industry pressure & expectation) on what or who to focus your time or budget on, how to priorities things, what to believe in and what to discard.

Outdated, unnecessary, cruel (yes wedding planning can get cruel sometimes) ways of being, thinking and acting shouldn’t be allowed in our country, lives or wedding experience…so I’m doing two things to celebrate our break from that:

Runaway Romance | Freedom Day| www.runawayromance.comRunaway Romance | Freedom Day|

1- You have permission to rethink & reform wedding traditions, mind-sets and norms.

Lord only knows that one thing Freedom day teaches us is just because it’s been done that way for years DOESN’T mean it has to carry on being done like that.

You can change it.

2- I want to gift you this beautiful reminder that you are FREE.

We have lovingly designed two ‘Free yourself’ downloadable mandala type printouts for you to colour take a minute and download them here, print your favorite one out and spend 30 min this freedom day holiday focusing on how you want to think, feel and act in your wedding planning.

Plus two cell phone backgrounds for you to save or share to remind you every day to do it YOUR way! You can get both Black and white backgrounds HERE and HERE OR Colour background HERE.

Runaway Romance | Freedom Day|

I would absolutely love to see your works of art and hear how you chose to ‘Free yourself’ so please share your finished Mandalas on Facebook and tag Runaway Romance in your shares or #RunawayRomance on Instagram so we can celebrate with you as you choose a new way to do your wedding, life or day.

Much love


Comments (2)


April 26, 2016

Fantastic Idea!


    Rebecca Kooiker

    April 26, 2016

    Well thank you Ewalda.
    I really hope you print one and spend some time on it tomorrow! (if you do I would love to see it!)


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