If this holiday season has been rough (on your body or budget) and you just need a few easy at home pamper ideas you are in luck!

Here is a list of head to toe ‘at home’ treatments that will leave you feeling all glowy and pampered.

For your Hair:

Start by giving your lovely locks some love. Try this divine smelling Strawberry, Coconut oil and Honey hair mask. The Free People Blog also has a strawberry based face mask and detox water… yum!

For your Lips:

If they have been hard at work kissing all those holiday well wishes (from your granny to your hubby) or have just had a bit too much sun you can get your lips buffed up and feeling smooth with Lucy Sarah’s Lip Scrub. (She uses it for winter but I think it works just as well in the summer months)

For your Hands:

I’m sure there is a saying about idle hands and all but if you are as busy as me these babies never rest. The Idea Room’s Lemon Sugar Scrub is a sweet way to give your hands a little time out.

For your Feet:

Now this is a winner. I am a self confessed moisturizer addict…So when I saw Hello natural’s Magnesium Body Butter I thought yes please. Perfect for keeping busy summer feet soft and smooth or for after a day on the beach this DIY body butter is a keeper.

At home spa days are great for relaxed bridal showers, the day before the wedding chill out session with your girls or just a ‘Me Time’ ritual.

I’d love to know what at home treatment you use to keep yourself feeling pampered? Is it a weird DIY recipe or an easy off the shelf one?

Much love

love Rebecca1



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