When you really want to get married, nothing will get in your way! Not Covid lockdowns and certainly not unrest and national road closures! So off we went to Dullstroom with Suné & Dexter, their daughter Stella and Dexter’s parents (after postponing for a week).

Suné & Dexter love wide open spaces and being outside. Dullstroom is perfect for this, especially the huge property that Dullstroom Country Cottages are situated on. We had at five different options for the ceremony site but they opted for the edge of the escarpment with grasslands and dams below.

Being Dullstroom in the middle of winter, it was cold! (But not as cold as it would’ve been the week before with sub-polar weather conditions). Suné & Dexter didn’t seem to feel the cold, they were just so excited to tie the knot. The photographers (Mia and Cyle from The Wolf and The Hare) were friends of theirs so they had a great time driving around the property taking photos.

They warmed up later that night in the private Honeymoon Cottage, in front of the fire, with a delicious meal from Mrs Simpson’s in town.

This was such a relaxed elopement and a true testament to the real meaning behind a wedding – it’s about the marriage and the person you have chosen to join you on the journey. Thanks Suné & Dexter for choosing us to be a small part of that journey!




The amazing team behind this elopement

Venue & Accommodation – Dullstroom Country Cottages | Makeup & Hair – Makeup by Brandon Walt and Hair by Twane |Marriage Officer – Alicia Whitting | Catering – Mrs Simpson’s | Planning, flowers, décor and on the day coordination – Runaway Romance

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