So what do these three headings mean? Basically these are the names of our three main recurring feature blog themes. The beautiful art work (that we just love) was created especially for us by the Russian based Artist Anna Rastorgueva.

*Note: We have recently changed these headings…but they still carry the same essence. New names in italics below.

What we plan to cover under each of these headings or features is:

Sweet treat. – Free fun stuff.

A sweet treat is our version of a DIY project or an easy to replicate inspirational idea. If we ever have giveaways or freebies this is where you will find them.

Everyday wonder. – Personal musing

An everyday wonder is a little look behind the scenes of Runaway Romance and includes my thoughts and ideas on everyday life. Among other things we touch on travel, business and family.

We’ve got mail.

This is a space especially designed for you. We post your ideas, thoughts, letters, testimonials or questions here.

We hope you will enjoy these features! If there is ever anything you would like to see written about, touched on or explored in more detail please leave a comment below!

love Rebecca1

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