It’s Spring! Thank everything that is warm and wonderful! So what difference does it make to your wedding flowers? Season shmeason right!?

Generally you will be able to get most, not all but most, flowers no matter what season it is or where you happen to live in the world. Thanks 21st century.

But as we mentioned in our how to make your wedding less wasteful post there are some (heart and pocket) benefits of thinking local and in season.

Spring Flower Mandala


  • Greenhouse and import/travel costs add up quickly and that will go directly onto the cost of your flowers.
  • By buying local and in season you will be able to afford more flowers which means bigger bouquets and or flower arrangements for the same budget.


Durability & Quality.

  • In season flowers will normally stand up to the surrounding weather a bit better. If you have a winter flower in a summer time wedding the chances of them wilting or not looking as full and healthy are greater.
  • The possibility of them arriving a little bashed and bruised are also increased the longer their travel distance. (Think more hands, more refrigeration and possibly more time out of water, I’d be grumpy too after that.)


It looks better.

  • This is a totally personal statement but I think it’s better to match your flowers (and feel of your day) to the season you’re getting married in.
  • If it’s summer have big bright blooms with watermelon cocktails, if it’s winter celebrate all the berries and richer tones with gluhwein and hot chocolate.
  • Your bouquet and flower décor will look more at home in your chosen venue, especially if it’s an outdoor venue.
  •  Your flowers textures and colours will be season appropriate and emphasise the beauty of your surroundings instead of trying to make it something it is not. Unless you are intentionally going for that stark contrast carrying a bright bouquet while walking through the beautiful golden grass and soft winter sun of the Midlands is just not going to look as effective as a moodier bunch of in-season blooms.


Spring Flower Mandala

Local is lovely.

  • There is less ‘eco’ impact on flowers grown closer to home because there is less driving/flying etc attached to them.
  • By supporting your local flower farms and nursery’s you are not only making your budget go further you are increasing the money that stays in our country. We have lots to be proud of, our home grown flowers are just one of these things.


As South Africans we will never get that ‘white winter wonderland’ Christmas we all see on TV.. But that doesn’t mean we dont enjoy Christmas! Hells no we make the best of it and cook our Christmas lunch in the Weber, by the pool, enjoying everything that season has to offer us.

Our wedding flower experience shouldn’t be any different.

love Rebecca1


If you are loving these Flower Mandalas and want to make your own go and have a look at this easy HOW TO.


Spring Flower Mandala

Comments (3)

Oscar O'Malley

January 24, 2018

I like that you mentioned that using in-season flowers will be more affordable and emphasize the beauty of your surroundings. My fiance hasn't been able to decide on flower arrangements for the wedding yet, so I'm trying to help her find some different ideas to decide on. I think this is a great idea--I'll be sure to talk to her about it later today.


    Rebecca Kooiker

    January 25, 2018

    Why thank you Oscar,
    We are so glad we could add some inspiration to your search! We really believe in simple & good luck with your search & let us know how it goes/if you ever have any other questions.


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