So for some Valentine’s Day is a really special time where you get to set a date night, get out of your routine and feel in love. For others it’s a pain in the ass day where no matter what you do it feels cheesy and overdone.

Because we love you no matter which kind of Valentine’s person or couple you are (totally love it or totally hate it) we asked our friend, Sabrina Kennedy from BiBi Rouge, to share some of her BEST valentines day ideas and tips on how to buy something special (for him or her) this  valentines day!!

Runaway Romance & Bibi Rouge | valentines Day

For HIM:

So this pesky little task is always tricky. Whether it be for Valentine’s day, Birthday, Anniversaries or Christmas, I have never found it easy to shop for guys! So I now use two little tricks.

1- Listen to the hints.

The first one is I actually listen (simple, right?) Year round I listen to what my partner is saying he likes, loves, enjoys or wants. I then have a list that I add notes to whenever he mentions something, so that when the time comes, I can refer to my secret list and have a ton of options to choose from.

2- The flavor of the week.

The second thing is to just watch your partner a bit for the weeks before the special day. Notice what he is enjoying at the moment, or what his latest hobby or pastime is. If he is always ordering different craft beers at restaurants, try getting him a craft beer case. If he is playing a lot of Golf, why not have a walk around your nearest golf shop and see what he might like there.

3- Give him an experience not a gift.

This is my personal favorite, give him an experience instead of a gift.

How does a day of wine tasting out in the cradle of humankind  sound, or a lovely lunch in the Hartbespoort dam area. I find that men often enjoy an experience more than a physical gift, so give it a try! Plus, you will both get to enjoy it! And if you’re still out of ideas, has a whole section of men’s gift ideas that you can select one from that he will be sure to love!

Runaway Romance & Bibi Rouge | valentines Day

For HER:

The age old story of life is men not knowing what to buy their ladies for valentine’s day, leaving it too late, and ending up buying red hearts, teddies and flowers from Woolies…sigh.

I’m not a big fan of typical valentine’s day gifts as they end up sitting in your house the next day taking up space.

So I thought, how nice would it be to get a gift that I would actually use and wear, something from a clothing or accessory store, but not have to worry about my partner knowing my size or style?

Ladies love a little romance but even more than that we love to know you have put a little thought into our gifts. So guys I am here to save you!


Runaway Romance & Bibi Rouge | valentines Day

My company, Bibi Rouge has created a service where you can send us a picture or two of your lovely lady (from this we gauge her size and style), your specific budget (any amount is fine with us) and the little note that you want us to send.

We will then send you a few good options of clothing and accessories items that are in your budget range and we think she will love. Once you have selected your items, we will package and wrap them beautifully, write your note in a romantic card, and send it off to her on the day of your choice.

Imagine how special she will feel if you send a dress and necklace to her office with a note saying “Put this on tonight, I’ll pick you up at 6”.

Runaway Romance & Bibi Rouge | valentines Day

The best part of this is, you can do this from your desk at work (totally avoiding the awkward stares of you in the dress section), anywhere in South Africa, and it only costs R50 on top of the items you select. Isn’t  that easy? Best boyfriend/husband award coming right up..

What was your best Valentines day gift ever? For every comment & idea you share you save one poor soul from the typical V-Day crap…come on you soul saver you, type it in!

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