This word is probably my biggest nemesis. We are the worst type of best friends. I defeat it today but it will probably back tomorrow.
My G word is – Guilt.

I once told a friend that I didn’t take long showers or take deep baths because I have this guilty feeling that I’m draining the rainforests. She laughed. I wish I was joking!
As unlikely as it is that I alone am to blame for the current environmental state of the rainforests, I carry that heavy little rock bird in my heart and on my shoulders. Now there is a fine line between guilt free and reckless abandon, so before you go Green Peace on me, I am talking about the healthy version of a kinder self here.

Guilt, unfortunately, can play a big role in many couples wedding planning. So tell me:
What would you do if you weren’t feeling guilty?
What would you do differently if you had no guilt attached to your bridesmaid pick or your venue choice? If you didn’t have to worry about how your grandmother would feel if you didn’t use her veil or what your father would think if he didn’t get to walk you down the aisle?
If none of that mattered and you were guaranteed not to feel guilty no matter what choice you made what would your wedding day look like?


Yes I know it’s not that simple but what would it look like?


Just as I am not solely responsible for the draining of the rain forests you are not solely responsible for everyone’s feelings. Take a minute and think about that then repeat after me…YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYONE’S FEELINGS.

I encourage you to allow yourself one juicy little moment to be completely selfish (in a non-brattish or harmful way of course) and let your heart tell you what it really wants. Write those wishes down and throughout your planning stages look back on those little truths. Try not wander too far from them and celebrate all and any steps you take towards them. The closer you can stay to your original guilt free, focused decisions the closer you are to realising your perfect wedding day!

Maybe you are able to completely put your worries and g-word aside and do that elopement you and your partner so desperately wanted. Maybe all the guilt free’ness you are able to muster is to say no to + 1’s.

Bravo either way! You are now on your way to less hype, more happy.

love Rebecca1


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