December is the birthday month of Runaway Romance. Whoop whoop!

This business birthday month is important to me, because Runaway Romance is important to me. The couples I serve and the people I meet because of Runaway Romance are important to me.

Runaway Romance | 2nd Birthday BashRunaway Romance | 2nd Birthday Bash

Last year I celebrated by throwing myself a 1st Birthday shoot. It was so empowering for me and was probably the first time in my adult life I looked at my situation and physical self and felt like ‘yes this is good. I did good. I look the way I feel and it is good’

That 1st Birthday bash came from my process and year. My lessons and my life in that 2015 snap.

This year Runaway Romance is two years old. WTF & Yay!! And My process, lessons and life have been massively different. In some ways harder than the first year, in a lot of ways a million times better!!

I have worked with more than double the number of couples  I did in 2015 and seen and experienced people, places and moments I would never have dreamed of being so lucky to be in, see and do.

So when thinking about my Runaway Romance ‘Birthday Bash’ this year I tried to think of some cool shoot or some fun party to throw…because I mean cake and bubbly! But to be honest that is not what I need or is true to me this year.

In the midst of the million things I am grateful for this year (and don’t take for granted or regret for a second) the truth is I am tired.

Runaway Romance | 2nd Birthday Bash

Emotionally in my marriage and family there have been huge decisions, shifts and changes that have taken some real intentional energy to get through.

Creatively I feel like I have put a lot out there. More than I ever have before.

Socially (and I mean social network socially, coz who are we kidding in real life I have like 5 friends not the amazing Thousand something I’m lucky enough to have on Facebook & Instagram ) I have been ‘dedicated’, consistent and I’ve tried hard to be present and share authentically.

All of this effort has lead to amazing AMAZING results, progressions, achievements, weddings, memories, photos and people who follow what I do.

But it has also lead to me feeling a little over myself. I mean shit, that you read this blog every week, like my Instagram photos multiple times a week and give a dam on Facebook is mind boggling to me! And I really cannot tell you sincerely enough how much I appreciate you.

But if I feel sick of hearing my own ‘voice’ then so must you (poor thing)

Runaway Romance | 2nd Birthday Bash Runaway Romance | 2nd Birthday Bash

So all of that emotion and explanation out of the way what I have decided to do for my second Runaway Romance birthday bash is to be quiet.

Yip that’s my big bash… Nothing! Nada! Nix Nay! And I’m so flippen excited it ridiculous.

For the month of December I am allowing myself and you to be still. To take a breathe, to create or not, to share or not, to do things because they matter and not because they will mean anything or accomplish anything or look good to anyone else.

I want to create something beautiful that nobody else sees.

I want to try a few things, fail at a few things, mess around with ideas & my craft.

I want to set a magnificent table, that’s just for me.

I want to see something beautiful and simply see it instead of seeing it and wondering what’s the best way to Instagram it.

I want to wake up and not have my first reaction to be grabbing for my phone.

I think what I’m trying to say is I just want to be more here instead of trying to be everywhere… In this moment, in this day, in this glorious place, in my very fast beautiful life (that seems to be flashing by way too quick)

Runaway Romance | 2nd Birthday Bash

Because I don’t want to be tiered or sick of my own voice next year, I want to be the best version of myself for me, my husband, my family, my couples and for you.

“Because living is the real work we must do.” – Ash Ambridge –

Because that is a real gift.. A real gift to the world (and if not the entire world at least my world)

So with all my love, with all my deepest most focused attention and intention I say happy 2nd birthday Runaway Romance and I will see you lovely person again in 2017.

Runaway Romance | 2nd Birthday BashRunaway Romance | 2nd Birthday Bash

What is your gift you will allow yourself to receive this December? A day in bed? A sunset that you don’t take a photo of? Some real intentional time with your family? I’d love to know and see how we can go on this birthday bash month of nothing together!

“In the end, creativity is a gift to the creator, not just a gift to the audience” -Elizabeth Gilbert –

 Much love




Thank you to my most wonderful & generous Friend Niki M for capturing these images of me, I am too lucky to have such a talent in my corner | Courtney Chadwick for my Make up – I so don’t ever wake up looking like this | Sawasdee Orchid’s being one of my Fav place in Joburg to visit and zen out in | Bibi rouge for making clothes I just generally like & can afford (I wore their top for last years shoot)

Comments (4)


December 6, 2016

Beautifully said Rebecca! Enjoy your time doing your stuff or no stuff. hahaha!

PS. I too am gonna try one or the other.


    Rebecca Kooiker

    December 7, 2016

    Ah Thank you Kim,
    I appreciate this! I'd love to here how your 'one or the other' turn out xx

Sharon Holden

December 7, 2016

Well done for being brave enough to stop when you need a rest. Love Sharon


    Rebecca Kooiker

    December 7, 2016

    Thank you Sharon, I never looked at it as being brave (just nice & necessary) But thank you for making me look at it in a different way. Your support is so appreciate x


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