Runaway Romance | Green cathedral | Durban

Non-traditional wedding venues and elopement spaces are central to me and my adventurous couples, it’s the base for an out of the ordinary, take your breath away, never been seen before day.

So finding that hidden gem that can be the place my couples start their forever in (I mean yay) as well as a place we can celebrate, connect with and give back to is SO important.

My venue scouting trips down to Durban sure don’t disappoint! Last time I adventured through the urban renewal side of the creative scene here and this time I went into the ‘bush’. I found two ‘on our doorstep’ green havens perfect for my nature loving couple.

This is a private little nature reserve and like so many of our Runaway Romance spaces doesn’t have a name or website, it isn’t listed on any wedding sites or maps (and I kinda hope it never is).

Runaway Romance | Green cathedral | Durban

The custodian of this beautiful place loving refers to this as ‘The Green Cathedral’. 100% of the venue rental fee goes back into maintaining, patrolling and preserving this precious green belt and eco system and I CANNOT WAIT to host my first couple here!

Runaway Romance | Green cathedral | Durban

If you love the idea of non-traditional wedding venues or would like to start your marriage in The Green Cathedral I would love to hear from you. Please send me an email or request form. This is a very very special place that very few have experienced!

Much love


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