I’m far from being a professional photographer (although I can now find my way around a good Instagram filter #winning) but after years of working with some of the best wedding photographers in South Africa I’ve noticed a thing or two.

One of the biggest things that can throw a spanner in the works of the smoothest running wedding day, is the group/family photo’s.

No matter how non-traditional the wedding (unless it is an actual elopement with only the couple there) the group photo always seems to make its way into your wedding day to do list.

Im not saying scrap it (unless you want to) but these are the 3 problems with them that you should really be aware of:

1- Family or friends photos never takes as quick as you think.

Always allow more time for your wedding group photos than you think you need. If you dont, the chances of you losing your best light (because uncle Ben was more interested in a drink than saying cheese) is a reality! And no one wants to rush around doing their couples shoot is in the dark.

2- Finding a good place for it involves more effort/logistics than you think.

When choosing a place for your family photos you will need to think about back ground, good lighting, flat surfaces, your photographer being slightly elevated etc. & theeeen getting all your wedding guests there also takes time (see point 1)

3- Multiple family combinations take up precious photo counts.

This is probably the point couples (or the people requesting the million family combos) think about the least. But if you have a big group & are wanting 50 plus different family or friends shot combinations & you are only getting 250-350 photos, that’s a good chunk of pics taken away from your decor, getting ready moments, ceremony, couples shots, dancing pics or scenery for the images you are LEAST likely to print & frame..

So if you are having a bigger wedding (or even if it’s small wedding & your guests are the Group photo / wandering type) keep the above in mind when giving your photographer the family shot list & when allocating time for it in your timeline.

Much love & happy snapping

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