The most exciting thing in life is growth and the change that comes with that!

For anyone who knows a little about us or me, you will know Runaway Romance was built on and will always uphold the importance and beauty of intentional focus and personal meaning when celebrating the important life event that is marriage.

So it is with the exact same intentional focus and personal meaning that drew me to create Runaway Romance that now draws me to step out of the business to celebrate my own important (growing a human) life event.

As I take this step aside to focus on family and new business projects I hand over the running and heart of Runaway Romance to its wonderful new custodian Louise.

Louise will bring her own kind of magic to the future couples and business of Runaway Romance but will do it with the same level of care, love and professionalism you have always know of us.

I am so happy to be leaving this special little island of ‘less hype more happy’ in the sea of traditional wedding planning in her hands and know that Runaway Romance will continue to be the space for intentional, focused and meaningful marriages to begin (in the most beautiful, non traditional ways)

With all my heart thank you for the couples, suppliers and industry friends that have supported me so far and an even bigger thank you for your continued support of Louise as she allows Runaway Romance to bloom in its new and exciting direction.

Much love



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Kim Jansen van Rensburg

July 30, 2018

Wow! Congrats, Rebecca! Wishing you all the best <3



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