On your wedding day you should be a slim vision of a perfect bride! Weddings are a NO muffin top, NO back cleavage, NO wobbly arm zone!

Ummm…F that is what I say! Weight and what looks good is subjective and ‘perfect’ is a conspiracy!

P.S those impossibly shaped, glowing brides modelling your dream dress aren’t brides! They are models. It’s their job to look like that!

The topic of wedding day weight loss and bridal/general perfection gets me worked up…can you tell?

When brides to be ask me about losing weight for their wedding day this is my answer:

Wedding day Diets:

As in a short term plan that deprives you of food and is 100% not real life maintainable – won’t work.  These types of diets make you obsess about your insecurities, make you grumpy – hungry people are grumpy, they make your planning process one of constantly beating yourself up and your day about achieving some random weight goal rather than getting married.

If you decide you want to adopt a long term healthier diet – as in better, fresher food options and generally healthier, maintainable lifestyle choices – totally different story. Becoming fitter and healthier isn’t a bad thing but dont be torturing yourself to get to a specific ‘goal weight’ just for your wedding day.

Wedding day Detoxes:

As in ‘I’m only going to drink lemon water for 5 days before the wedding’ – are going to leave you sick. Fainting is a real thing and if you are only running on lemon juice you could be doing a lot of it on your wedding day. Laughing with confidence will be hard (you know exactly what I mean) and you will become a complete lightweight (excuse the confusing reference) when it comes to holding your drink…and if you can’t laugh or have at least one glass of bubbly on your wedding day then what’s the point!?

Detoxes – as in a professionally formulated, freshly squeezed, straight from the farmlands, packed with actual vitamins & minerals – a bit of a different thing. I still wouldn’t suggest doing something like this anywhere near your wedding date (at least 1 month prior) as the pure point of them may leave you with skin and emotions you aren’t used to..

Detoxes are hard-core and if you aren’t used to them I’d suggest trying them out way before or after your wedding day.

Rather than detox or crash diet, we’d rather make changes to the way we eat by making it healthier and incorporating natural ingredients to feel better. We recently came across turmeric (yes, the yellow powder than stains your hands and makes curry delicious!), which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Wedding day weight loss:

Your partner fell in love with you just as you are, proposed to you just as you are and will be 100% happy to marry you just as you are and if the aren’t kick them to the flippen curb! You are spectacular! You are beautiful!

The way I see it your body is a born rebel…If you are constantly hating it or punishing it or holding it up to some unachievable standard it will give you the middle finger and do the exact opposite of what you tell it to do. (Think your teenager years)

Try celebrating it, loving it and thanking it for what it is and what it does for you rather and see what happens?

“To love yourself is the beginning of a life long romance” – Oscar Wilde

What are your thoughts on wedding day weight loss? Are you a bride, bridesmaid or guest looking into a weight loss plan for an up coming wedding? Did you lose a bit for your wedding and feel like a million bucks? Please tell me your story and thoughts… its always so great to get every side to an opinion.

love Rebecca1



P.S.S I’m not a health professional. These are my personal opinions on weight loss, diets and detoxes. If a health professional you trust has put you on a plan of sorts then don’t go off it just because of this post.  I trust that you are smart and can make your own decisions… always do what is best for you, your body and your heart.

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