A quote, service package, an estimated price… call it what you will it is simply the amount you need to pay up before your supplier is going to show up.

Despite what you may think (and sometimes what your suppliers may want you to think) ALL QUOTES ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY! Let me explain why.

Choosing the correct wedding suppliers to create the result you have dreamed of/expect is the corner stone to the smooth running and success of your wedding day. I personally put a lot of emphasis on this step. But unless you have had friends or family with your exact style and similar budget to refer a wedding supplier to you, you will probably be on your ace searching the internet for wedding suppliers.

This can be a very time consuming, confusing and stressful searching process and is where most couples come undone.

When we planned our own wedding five years ago I had never worked in this industry, we were the first of our friends to get married and other than a few family weddings where I was the flower girl, we really didn’t have any comparisons or referrals to go with.
We fell head first into the quote trap.

I had eventually found suppliers that we both liked (missions), who were available on our wedding date (mission) and where reasonably close by.(bigger mission)
Now it came time to choose who the final wedding supplier was going to be…because we didn’t have references to work on and we liked them all this decision came largely down to cost. Doing what any normal couple would, we compared our suppliers quoted bottom line.

This is when I discovered that all quotes are not created equally.

If like me you don’t regularly spend huge amounts of money on yourself, your wedding day will probably be the biggest sum of money out side of cars and a house you ever spend. It can be very overwhelming to see this massive figure at the bottom of a quote, but let’s look at why sometimes the higher quote is the cheaper quote.

If your wedding supplier lists absolutely every service cost of theirs up front, like Runaway Romance does, their end figure will be very different to the supplier who doesn’t and ends up surprising you with extra service costs like travel and accommodation 5 days before your wedding.

Now I’m not talking about extra costs that may come up because you as the couple changed your mind about a venue or stationery prints (because that is a cost you need to take responsibility for…consider your telling-off over) I’m not talking about unforeseen costs like your brother breaking his leg on the bachelors party and needing to cut his suite pants to fit over his cast. (There goes your rental deposit) I’m talking about costs that suppliers should make clear to you upfront, that sometimes you don’t think to ask about until it’s too late.

For example:
Caterer 1 charges you R600 for 150 glasses to be set on your table.
Caterer 2 charges you R800 for 50 white wine glasses, 50 red wine glasses and 50 champagne glasses to be set on your table.
Caterer 1 looks like the cheapest bet by far! You assume that they have done this before and would have definitely catered for wine and champagne being served, I mean dah.

They show up on the day and they have 150 red wine glasses. You now have a panic attack and have to either drink champagne out of wine glasses (which when you read this now doesn’t sound like a big deal but a few hours before your wedding can be a bit more stressful) or you have to hire in at a premium the other glasses you needed.

So in the end Caterer 1 ended up costing you R1100 (R400 for emergency glasses and R400 you didn’t actually have) when Caterer 2 could have been the bargain price of R800 with loads less stress and hassle.

This example has completely made up rand values but is actually something I have seen happen on the day of a wedding.

I wanted to write about this because of my experience as a bride, who did end up with that “surprise I need accommodation” situation and as a wedding supplier who wants you to make informed final choices on your wedding day team.

I believe that quality will come at a slightly higher price than crap but I also believe that the price of quality doesn’t have to be excessive. The reality is you will have to make compromises on items and suppliers for your wedding day to allow you to get that tricky balance between quality and coming in on budget…I know that.

All I ask is that you take the time to make sure you are comparing apples with apples when it comes to supplier quotes and not just their bottom figure!

Because we love couples of all budget ranges and in the pursuit of total clarity I have broken down Runaway Romances full wedding planning package into bite size service offerings that start from R1000-. This has been recently updated on the ‘what we do’ section of our website so go have a peek.
This allows you to get the most from our talents and your budget. You pay for the assistance you do need and save by not having to pay for the assistance you don’t need.

I encourage you with my whole heart to ask your wedding suppliers why they cost what they do (in a respectful way of course) and what is included /excluded from their rates. Seriously go do it now! Don’t feel shy or silly and don’t ever assume things!

By doing this you will never be the victim of the dreaded quote trap (dom dom dom) and should be able to walk away with less stress and on budget!

Happy searching

love Rebecca1

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