Not many people send post cards anymore, not many people post anything anymore to be honest but whenever I travel I try and send some postcards home. No matter what greetings I scribble on the back of my post card, I have this urge to write the somewhat clichéd ‘wish you were here’ phrase on it.

So this little phrase got me thinking…have you ever been to a place that was so magical that you wished other people were there to share it with you? Have you ever seen photos or a TV program that made you think “gosh I wish I was there”? I bet that you have!

So now my question is why aren’t you there? And why aren’t you having your wedding there?

Too much money, not enough time off, can’t find a house sitter, can’t leave the cat, not sure about logistics, what if it’s all a disaster and you’re a million miles away from home…insert any other fear or excuse you have here____________.

Well what if I told you there were (many, MANY) places in this world that you could travel to and have the wedding, honeymoon and adventure of a lifetime for pretty much the same amount as a traditional venue wedding in S.A. and it would be less stressful!

It’s hard to believe I know. With all the elements and working parts that go into a wedding day how do you just take that and put it into a remote field or a marble cave or onto the rocks of a lighthouse or onto the roof of a hotel that has views that disappear into forever? Its stressful enough doing all of that planning at home how could you possibly do that in a place you didn’t know!

Would you like to know how?

  • You simply take away all the unnecessary elements that have been attached to wedding days. (and there are a lot of these)
  • Cut down your guest list.
  • Keep your priorities yours and no one else’s!
  • You hire a coordinator who believes in the simple and who can handle the few tricky logistics for you.
  • Trust that your wedding is about getting married and having a blast and not about the other stuff!

At the moment I am visiting towns in the Eastern Cape, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand finding some of the most incredible spaces to have adventurous, stunning, life changing wedding days to start off your marriage.

In the next few weeks I will be sharing these pictures and places with you.

Because if you wish you were there, then you should be there!!! Leave me a comment below and tell me where you wish you were getting married?

love Rebecca1

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