Pinterest is amazing. Although my social media love affair is reserved for Instagram, Pinterest is a pretty handy creative tool that when used correctly can be very inspiring.

One of the quickest ways to understand a couple’s style is to look at their secret Pinterest wedding board…there is always a secret Pinterest wedding board!

For all its juicy Pro’s the dark side of Pinterest is that you can literally overdose on ideas, themes, directions and DIY inspirations. Many of the pictures are professionally taken or from styled shoots or projects created by pro’s. This means your amazing, super fun secret wedding board can quickly morph into a time consuming, scattered, crazy expectations building, never ending list of things to do / make / look like!

And that makes me stressed just thinking about it!

So I thought I would give you 7 steps to tame your Pinterest wedding board and show it who’s boss once and for all.

1- Set yourself a date that you would like to be finished with your Pinterest wedding board.

Ideally this should be before or just after your first meeting with your wedding planner. At some point the endless options that are the internet need to stop being your go to and the real life décor, ideas and inspiration around you need to take the lead.

2- Set yourself Pinterest searching time limits.

Because nothing eats your time and attention like pretty things! Set fixed brackets of Pinning time aside and stick to them. Part of taming your board is not letting it become all consuming.

3- Make a list of all the items you want to find inspiration for.

Once you have a list of all the items you want to find inspiration for hair styles, photo booth ideas, flowers etc. you can then focus your search on one item at a time. Intensely search for each item and pin everything you like around just that item. This allows you to group pictures without having to create a separate board for each item. Remember you dont have to find inspiration for every item, if you know you want something a particular way stick to that and dont get confused by other peoples ideas.

This grouping makes it easier to compare pictures side by side and will help you decide on one cohesive creative direction. (If you want to take it to the next level of organised, group items that go together next to each other. For example – your dress, hair style, makeup and accessories then the venue, décor, flowers etc.)

4- Now back away slowly without making any sudden movements.

Once you have extensively searched and batched each item on your inspiration list you need to do something really hard. You need to step away from the Pinterest!!

I’m serious no more searching and no more pinning. There is always going to be a photo or project that is newer or nicer but you need to draw a line and stop.

(I can literally feel Brides around the world closing this blog and declaring “I shan’t, this is crazy!”… stick with me PLEASE)

5- It’s time for a clean out.

Now comes the fun part, you need to eliminate pictures. Delete every picture that you no longer like or doesn’t fit into your bigger creative direction.

We are going for clear and precise here and if possible you should aim to cut down to 1-3 pics per item on your inspiration list that you LOVE. If you are a bit nervous to do this alone bring your wedding planner in at this stage.

You will also need to cut down your DIY projects. To keep your stress levels reasonable I would suggest a max of 1-2 pre-wedding projects (invites, punching confetti, special favours etc.) and 1 on the day project (setting up the photo or main table backdrop etc.)

This may feel harsh but the truth of the matter is you only have one head that can only have one hairstyle and one face that can only have one application of makeup and you can only carry one bouquet and… you get the idea. The more different creative references you have the more likely you and your suppliers are to get confused. Focused is better I promise.

6- Make a real life mood board.

Runaway Romance always creates unique mood boards and sketches for our couples that draw from Pinterest’s inspirations but are put together in a never before done or seen way.

Either you or your planner can create this mood board. Download all your reference pictures and create a one to three page mood board using Word or Canva. (If you’re feeling fancy) Print this board out and take it to all your wedding meeting and email it to all you’re wedding suppliers.

Remember these pictures are for reference NOT blind replication. A good supplier or wedding planner will be able to draw from your references but still create something that is totally YOU and hasn’t been seen (or pinned) a million times.

7- Be open to the fact that what you found online may not be available in real life/within your budget/in South Africa/in the season you are having your wedding.

Keeping open to this possibility / reality will help you manage unrealistic expectations and potential let downs. No you cant have Peonies in March or a snowy winter wonderland Christmas wedding in December (well not in South Africa anyway) but that’s ok a long as you are ok with it!

And just like that you are done! You have used all the creative beauty Pinterest has to offer without being sucked into the time consuming, confusing chaos it can sometimes create.

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Happy planning and Happy tamed pinning!

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