In the bigger scheme of things my creative work can sometimes feel like a waste of time… A bit of a ‘what am I doing?’ I mean flip, it’s not like I’m ending world hunger, curing cancer or finding a renewable water source over here.

Although I deeply love what I do, I think this feeling of ‘What is it for’ can often surface amoungst creatives & other creators. Especially in the wedding industry where months of planning & days of hands on creation is taken down, thrown away (but hopefully recycled  / re purposed ) & packed up less than 24hrs after it was all lovingly bought to life.

While doing the flowers for Cindy & Steyn’s small wedding, I got chatting to the owner of their venue about just this. About how by the next morning all of these flower arrangements, the flower arch, the décor, the food, & the celebration would all have come & gone.

But rather than seeing this as a frivolity or waste of time, Bruce told me about the practice of The Tibetan Buddhist Monks who take hours upon hours to create & then destroy their sand art Mandalas & how I could potentially see my work like this.

She stops, she pauses…. Mind blown.

Basically, we have the choice to see our actions, our talents & our work as insignificant, not worthy of the time taken to create them & a little frivolous… just another item on the ‘TO Do’ list or just another pretty thing.

OR (Life changer alert) we get to choose to pour our entire souls, focus & love into each thing we create, knowing that nothing is really ever permanent anyway & that actually the process of focused, conscious creation is the real ‘result’.

We can happily offer this to ourselves, the people around us, to the universe….& that is actually enough.

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Much Love

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