In the bigger scheme of things my creative work can sometimes feel like a waste of time… A bit of a ‘what am I doing?’ I mean flip, it’s not like I’m ending world hunger, curing cancer or finding a renewable water source over here.

Although I deeply love what I do, I think this feeling of ‘What is it for’ can often surface amoungst creatives & other creators. Especially in the wedding industry where months of planning & days of hands on creation is taken down, thrown away (but hopefully recycled  / re purposed ) & packed up less than 24hrs after it was all lovingly bought to life.

While doing the flowers for Cindy & Steyn’s small wedding, I got chatting to the owner of their venue about just this. About how by the next morning all of these flower arrangements, the flower arch, the décor, the food, & the celebration would all have come & gone.

But rather than seeing this as a frivolity or waste of time, Bruce told me about the practice of The Tibetan Buddhist Monks who take hours upon hours to create & then destroy their sand art Mandalas & how I could potentially see my work like this.

She stops, she pauses…. Mind blown.

Basically, we have the choice to see our actions, our talents & our work as insignificant, not worthy of the time taken to create them & a little frivolous… just another item on the ‘TO Do’ list or just another pretty thing.

OR (Life changer alert) we get to choose to pour our entire souls, focus & love into each thing we create, knowing that nothing is really ever permanent anyway & that actually the process of focused, conscious creation is the real ‘result’.

We can happily offer this to ourselves, the people around us, to the universe….& that is actually enough.

Do you have a friend or family member who needs to hear they are enough, that their work & talents are enough? Please forward this via email or share this with the easy share links below!

Much Love

Comments (2)

Andrea Barras

September 16, 2017

Love this, thank you for sharing!


    Rebecca Kooiker

    September 19, 2017

    Not at all! I'm so glad it makes sense & is useful to other people. Thanks for taking the time to read it & comment x


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